Sunday, July 31, 2011

small summer update

It has been forever.

I've been busy.

Between babysitting, work, Happy Hours, movie and beach going, I'm wiped out so today I am ignoring the gorgeous sunshine and am tempted to go get ice cream and eat it while watching Lifetime all day.

I've been on a few dates with a guy but I don't think it is going to go anywhere. Another reason for the ice cream. I had high hopes for this one but we don't have much in common and after a couple of good dates, it just doesn't feel right anymore...

Generally speaking though everything has been really good. I'm just trying to enjoy the summer and am headed to the Hamptons in a couple of weekends for a job. I'm pretty excited about it.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

midnight musings

If you're trying, you're doing a great job.

I stole this from another blog. It isn't my quote and the context from which it was taken has nothing to do with me or my life right now.

But it still fits.

And it makes me smile.

Monday, July 11, 2011

miscellaneous monday - the hot as hades edition

1. It is stick-y here.

I went to the beach yesterday (woohoo!) and burned my white little self. Oy. My own fault. I did not reapply enough. It was so much fun though and I was once again reminded how good the beach is for my soul. Makes me wonder why I chose to move somewhere where the surf and sand is at least an hour away by public transportation when I was ten minutes away from it California.

2. I'm going to a Harry Potter trivia event tomorrow and I am so excited!

3. I am feeling better! Hooray! No more coughing and I have my energy level back.

4. Today I went to the gym for the first time in a few weeks. Eek! Got some work to do.

5. I have an event for work tomorrow and I'm nervous. This is the first one I've been entirely responsible for. Fingers crossed it goes well!

6. I made a Two Princes (by the Spin Doctors) station on Pandora tonight. Love! I love 80's music but I'm definitely a 90's girl!

7. I went to Staples on the way home from work tonight and saw a ton of moms and kids shopping for what I assume are back-to-school supplies. Seriously?! Is it really that time again? No way.

8. That's all she wrote!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


It has been a week. I still have a cough.

I've entered my third weekend of "illness" and am very fed up.

There are certainly worse things in this world. I am not throwing myself a pity party. I'm hoping the roughly 13 hrs of sleep (yes, 13) that I got last night help. I plan on a repeat performance (less an hour or two) tonight.

Go away, stupid cough. You have made your mark. I've got plans next weekend so you'd better have your ugly face gone before then.

Monday, July 4, 2011

my 2011 independence weekend was...

  • downtime (and lots of it!) - due to a cough that just would not go away! (Thank you DuaneReade Doctor on Premises program. I love my antibiotics!)
  • eggs and pancake time - I had no appetite all weekend until last night really when I got a hankering for eggs and pancakes. So I skipped over to the 24 hr diner and sat at the counter reading my book and eating.
  • because-i-can time - TV marathons, air conditioned bedroom, naps, and reading
  • money makin time - because I want to do more than just "get by."
  • sunbathin' time - I spent today in Central Park with a friend by Turtle Pond soaking up the rays and sweatin' up a storm. (I don't think I will ever get used to the "sweat-behind-your-knees" type of humidity they got goin' on here.)
  • Turtle Time - We spied a turtle who had come up from the pond onto the grass and proceeded to make the rounds through the park for his adoring onlookers. I really was worried about the poor little guy. He seemed lost. (Pst - If you watch The Real Housewives of NY, that last title was for you.)
Happy Independence Day to you all.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

four 4ths

Hi everyone,

I've had a cold for the past week and a half. It is hot outside. You do the math.

I'm trying to enjoy the holiday weekend anyway and plan to spend significant parts of the next few days reading The Story of Beautiful Girl. Thanks, MCW, for putting it on my radar.

One of the most interesting things, I think, about holidays is their ability to make you remember details of what life was like exactly a year ago. The other day I was thinking about my last four 4ths.

I spent my first one in California, actually. I'd been there for a work conference so I stayed on for the holiday weekend, spent it drinking daquiris and playing Scrabble, and spying on fireworks between the trees in my parents' neighborhood.

#2 is my favorite so far. My friend Annie, who no longer lives here, came over and we played cards on my patio while eating chips and salsa and drinking beers. Then, along with one of my roommates, we went to her friend's party just a few blocks up from me. We ate burgers and climbed up on the roof to watch the fireworks from all directions.

Last year was a toughie. I was having a rough weekend but went to Montauk for the 4th anyway. It took forever via LIRR (Lesson learned! Never again.) and was a very long day. Sunburns, sand, seven am to midnight. The beach was fun and I'd never been to Montauk but I am SO glad that things are so much better this year!

Not sure what I'm doing this year. I made plans with a friend to go to the beach, however, we'll see how I feel. Stupid cold. Maybe a repeat of fourth numero dos is more my style this year.

Where were you four 4ths ago? What do you have planned for this weekend?