Wednesday, April 18, 2012

drive by pondering

I honestly had to look at the blog before I posted this to remind myself when I blogged last. It has been well over a month. I feel I've run out of blogging steam.

Yet tonight I felt compelled to write. Not sure why. I'm sitting here in a hotel in another city, watching Friends on Nick at Nite, and thinking about my life. Because all of one's pondering and contemplating should take place during a stressful business trip during the few spare moments one has.

That makes complete sense.

I went to Ireland at the beginning of the month. Solo. Decided I was tired of waiting for friends to have the time or money, that I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it, that I wanted something amazing to look forward to--something out of the ordinary. I had an absolutely amazing time. I chatted up locals in bars, hung out with more Aussies than I'd ever previously met, enjoyed "trad music" and hilarious storytelling, met a cute/shy Irish guy in an American themed club and didn't understand half of what he said, biked a picturesque island, learned the history of a beautiful country, and so much more.

Now I'm back in reality.

The trip (like most experiences in life) changed things for me. I am thinking about what can be in a strong and positive way, instead of feeling bogged down in the competition, the concrete jungle, the way I think things should be based on the rat race. Options, people. I guess that's what it is about, if I put it simply.

I should hear soon about school and going back part-time in the Fall. Regardless of the outcome, another window has opened. For now I'll wake up in the morning, run around this city, go back to the office, and do it all over again. It's not that I am miserable. I enjoy my job most days lately and my life is full of opportunities and blessings.

It's just about seeing the forest through the trees.

You know, all those trees in the city.