Thursday, October 20, 2011

fly by

Hey there,

I've been so bad at the blog thing lately. Sometimes I wonder if I should just stop altogether....

Here are my updates:

  • Work is still very, very busy. I have a few trips coming up and am taking on more, which is good, but I've been so exhausted when I get home at night that all I can usually manage is to stuff my face in front of whatever episode of The Real Housewives is currently on. Yes, that is true.

  • Thus I have not been going to the gym very often. Shame on me. My credit card is pissed. It still gets charged for that membership.

  • I wish I could motivate myself to wake up in the morning and workout before work. I was really good at this during the Spring months (and by really good I mean I managed to do it about twice a week) but now I hit snooze 5,000 times before turning it off, falling back asleep and waking up late. Ha!

  • I'm in a voracious mood when it comes to reading. I think it is because it is relaxing. I just want to read all day and end up very sad when I get in bed at night, pick up my book, and find I can only make it two pages before my eyes are so heavy that I have to turn out the light.

  • I'm in the mood for historical fiction. First up, Egypt! I'm finally getting around to Mich.elle's The Her.etic Qu.een. Last year I blogged about how awesome Mich.elle is and she found my little blog post (via the powers that be at Google alert, I can only assume). It was so exciting. I've previously read Nefer.titi and she has one more Egyptian book, Cleo.pat.ra's Daugh.ter. Then there's Mad.ame Tuss.aud which is amazing! Love all of them!

  • Russia is up next! If anyone has any other recommendations I'd love to hear them!

  • I'm still seeing the guy I was seeing the last time I blogged. Well "seeing" is not an operative word here, really. We're dating but our schedules are so crazy this month that we haven't been able to get together lately. This is very disappointing but I'm trying to be patient and am hoping things will continue to go well regardless.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Wow, I haven't blogged in a while (and haven't had a "real" post in even longer). Here's the latest. . .

I feel like I'm always reporting that I've been sick. But this time around it was a nasty little bugger that hit me like a mack truck with chills, exhaustion, fever, cough. . . the whole gamut.
I am happy to say that though I missed two days of work, I am well now. My cough is still hanging on (and causes me to get dirty looks from people on the subway and on the bus) but today was the first day I haven't really coughed at all. And it has been 2 weeks! My coughs always hang on until the bitter end but I daresay this one is on its way out. Fingers crossed!

Work has been INSANE. I'm so busy because (I guess) Fall is a very hectic time of year for me. I wouldn't know. This is my first Fall in this particular position. That coupled with missing two days and events that I'm responsible for that fall one right after the other. . . I've been very, very swamped.

Today is my New York-iversary. I've been here four years! In some ways it seems like much shorter or much longer but it is unbelievable in every way. I want to talk to that girl, the one who really didn't know what she was doing but wanted to do it anyway; the one who had a vague idea of what her life was going to be like but really had zero clue. Today is a very fun and special day for me and it always will be. To some it seems like a small milestone but to me it is huge and represents so much in my life, my growth, and my relationship with myself.

Last but certainly not least. . . I'm seeing someone. I feel like an eighth grade girl but I like him a lot and he likes me. We've been dating for a month but I feel like I've known him so much longer. I told my mom last weekend. I'd been waiting to see what would take shape. Telling her made it feel real. I've gotten so tired of talking about dating so when this first started up I had the "I don't care. I'm over it." attitude (not in a bitter way but in an acceptance sort of way). He and I hit it off from the very beginning. We'll see what happens!

Hope everyone is well! Happy Fall! I love this time of year and it looks like NYC weather is finally going to feel like autumn this weekend. . .