Thursday, February 24, 2011

i'm on the right track baby...

It is really ridiculous how much I'm loving this song right now. . .

As in rocking-out-at-my-desk-trying-not-to-sing-at-the-top-of-my-lungs love. Playing over and over again love. Finding meaning in the cheese love. I think I'm channeling the little girl who used to listen to recorded tapes of Madonna's Immaculate Collection on her Walkman in the back of her parents' car. Turn it down. They'd say. You'll hurt your ears.

Gaga's newest has that same "anthem" feel. It reminds me of another girl power fave, Express Yourself.

I just keep clicking play on the "video" above.

Yes, Gaga. We're on the right track.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

my president's day weekend was . . .

My long holiday weekend was. . .

. . . borderless. I crossed five state lines on the way to and from the Washington, D.C. area. (New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia.) As a California girl, I'm pretty obsessed with this fact.

. . . reflective. I went for a bit of a walk in Arlington National Cemetery on a gorgeous serene day. (Note: I did not walk all over the grounds. This marker was right off the path.)

. . . educational. I learned the term for when orangutans swing from limb to limb (brachiate) at the National Zoo, discovered the history of the birth control pill at the Smithsonian American History Museum (I'd been here before but stopped in to check out this exhibit), sampled some of the best museum food and checked out the amazing exhibits at the Smithsonian American Indian Museum and found out you aren't allowed to take photos in the Pentagon Metro Station.

. . . celebratory. I traveled to Mount Vernon where I helped George Washington ring in his 279th with a tour of his mansion, costumed characters, and some very cute, and very friendly sheep.

. . . non-stop. I caught a free show, hoofed it all over, went to a flea market, had nachos and beer at a pub, visited memorials, ooh-ed and aww-ed over lions, and tigers, and bears. Oh my!

What was your weekend?

Friday, February 18, 2011

all you need is love

Aye dios mio it is so nice out! I'm wearing a light jacket today and even that felt a bit too much when I went out a few minutes ago to get my lunch. It is supposed to get cold (darn February flukes!) again but I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts. C'mooooon Spring!
2. Groove With Me Event
My bud Summer posted about this as well so I will let you go there for pics. I had a wonderful time last night at this event even though I was feeling a bit stressed earlier in the day. It is an amazing cause and as a "former dancer" I would love to become involved in a program like this. One young girl got up and spoke to the group and I was amazed at how eloquent and well-spoken she was. I've been thinking lately about getting involved with older girls (I do the little kid thing mostly) in a mentoring program or something like that. Things like this just make my heart burst and keep me grounded.
3. Vacations!
I'm going away this weekend. Hopefully I will have lots of fun pics to post when I get back.
4. My new co-workers
I made some wonderful friends at my old job and every now and then I get sad about not being able to see their friendly faces every day. But today reminded me that I work with some wonderful people here who have been so helpful and great to get to know so far.
5. My mama
Last night someone in our neighborhood decided to have a block party (Or something. I still don't know what was going on but it really sounded like live music. . . Which is weird because we have zero bars in the general vacinity. Anyway. . .) and I could not fall asleep. So I tried calling my mom. She always calms me down. Even just hearing her voice. It must be related to biology and the fact that your mother's voice is ingrained in you in utero. Anyway, being that it was three hours earlier in CA, she was busy and didn't pick up. Then she called me early this morning even though she was super busy getting ready for work to make sure all was good. I have the best mom ever and not a day goes by that I'm not thankful for our amazing relationship.
Have a good weekend everyone! What are lovin' this Friday?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

plight of the transplant

Look at me. Three days in a row of blogging. Wow.

Inspired by recent blog posts I've read and conversations I have had lately with co-workers comes the following post. . .

When I first moved to this city I was constantly, and I mean constantly, asked how long I was going to be here. When was I going home? I'd get this from both sides: new people I'd met here and friends and family members back home. (Many of whom couldn't believe that'd actually mustered the cajones to do this thing. True story.) I have repeatedly said that there is no expiration date on my time in New York nearly 3 1/2 years in I still feel like I just got here. Just did this big thing and couldn't possibly imagine "undoing it" (well, leaving isn't undoing it but you get what I mean...)

I've made no bones about the fact that 2010 was the year nostalgia wore off. It was the year what was glittery and dazzling became boring and commonplace. Add self-induced pressure and yeah. . . Not a good recipe. But I came out of the year knowing that I'm still in it for the forseeable future. No expiring any time soon.

But every now and then the question circles around again. How long do I see myself here? Will I be walking these streets in ten years? Will I be driving down the road of a nearby city? Will I be back where I came from? Will I be lying on the beach of my own private island having struck it rich and completely "arrived"? (If only!)

Anyone with a pulse has asked him or herself if the status quo is working. If this is how it is really supposed to be. At least once in a lifetime, that is. And for a planner like me (whose lists have lists) doing the whole "It'll happen." thing is tough. Once I got over the hump of actually building a life here, I started thinking about how exactly I'm going to make the reality and the envisioned look more alike.

The million-dollar question for any one of the millions of single gals in this damned city is how in the hell are we going to find someone? No, let's broaden that. Not just someone. Something too. The something we're meant for with the someone we want. And for the transplants, for whom the ties aren't inherant and for whom no familial ties really exist, I think it is inevitable that we question - Is it meant to happen elsewhere? When do we turn around and say "I'm not sure I want this anymore." When do we make the decision about whether we are lifers? Do we decide at all?

I'm not complaining. I'm not moping. I had a wonderfully content Valentine's Day yesterday. I'm not standing on the edge of any ledge. It is hard not to think ahead when thinking ahead is what you do. Sometimes I flirt with giving myself an ultimatum but that's just not fair.

And as I told a co-worker the other day, I'm taking it one lease at a time.

Is it the city? I know you NYC gals can probably relate. Do others in different cities feel this way too? Is it the plight of the transplant? It can hardly just be limited to that but perhaps I feel it is more pronounced when you're the one who struck out. You're the one who is trying to make it work. Solo.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

the one where i (again) review movies and you all tell me if you agree, disagree, and what you've watched lately. . .

Another winter weekend. Another movie marathon.

Considering I'm still pretty down for the count, I've tried to look on the bright side. And since I've already paid homage to the wonder that is Netflix Instant Streaming and it's ability to babysit the infirm (I exaggerate for the effect. Is it working?) I'll just get going with my thoughts on the flicks I caught. . .

1. The King's Speech

I actually ventured out with some friends Friday night and finally saw this one. I'd been wanting to for a while. Let me just put in my Oscar predictions here and now. Colin Firth for Best Actor. Hands down. He was incredible. Geoffrey Rush's performance was also every bit as amazing and he completely deserves Best Supporting Actor. The film itself was great and I wouldn't be surprised if it wins Best Picture. I love historical stuff and biopics so I thought they all did an absolutely wonderful job depicting an historical figure I knew pretty much nothing about. I wish they'd gone more into his role as king and the history he was involved in but I realize that really isn't what the movie was about.


2. World Trade Center

I'm cheating a bit with this one as I've seen it a couple of times before. It is currently on the instant view queue so I watched it yesterday morning. Normally I am not a Nicholas Cage fan. Like... at all. He has such a mopey face and reminds me a lot of Ross's character on Friends. And ever movie he's in becomes a "Nicholas Cage movie" but all of this aside, there is a reason I have seen this movie several times. I thought it did a really good job of portraying events while zeroing into the lives of ordinary people who became heroes.

QUEUE IT UP! (But make sure you have Kleenex!)

3. The Killers

OK, I confess I wasn't going to see this movie. But I was in the mood for something mindless so I put it at the top of my queue. I watched it this morning and I must say while it wasn't Shakespeare I didn't hate it. Some parts were kind of cute but for the most part it was mindless, just like I thought it would be.

SKIP IT (Unless you want proof that Ashton Kutcher can play a role other than the goofy college kid... Barely.)

4. Arranged

This indie movie tells the story of two women, both teachers in a Brooklyn school who become friends. One is Muslim and the other an Orthodox Jew. Both are going through the process of matchmaking for an arranged marriage. The premise of this movie was intriguing. As were the impressive looking indie film festival logos on the "cover image." But I found the movie itself, while somewhat delightful, to be forced and hokey in various places. Some parts were surprisingly more stereotypical than I would have imagined. One of the Muslim woman's "suitors" was a hairy older man from the "old country" while the Orthodox Jewish woman's matches were various degrees of socially awkward. The movie, of course, was tied up in a neat little bow by the end and while I don't feel like I wasted my time, I was a bit disappointed.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

puppy love

This is my Valentine . . .

He's a super smart, ice cube loving, stubborn, rambunctious-as-all-get-out, wanna-be lap dog.

He's a people pleasing, butt sniffing, I-just-want-to-be-part-of-the-pack, full-of-lovin' boy.

And his heart is so full of love that it is getting bigger.

This means he couldn't be put under anesthesia earlier this week for his routine teeth cleaning.

They didn't think he was healthy enough.

What was a slight heart murmur is getting worse which is now a bigger deal.

Yet he bounds around like a rambunctious two year old.

Despite the fact that he is 13.

And a half.

Who knows what will happen.

But he's far away.

It breaks my heart.

Please send some puppy love his way.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

under the weather list

So I'm home today.

Yeah, I got knocked on my butt by this thing.

But instead of whining about it today I'm going to focus on the things I'm grateful for. . .

24 hour bodegas. My corner store along with the local drug store are practically my mother.

Netflix, especially the instant streaming. On deck today is Mystic River probably followed by a bit of 30 Rock. I always love this site, especially now that I don't have a DVR anymore. I was able to watch Teen Mom last night and then Parenthood this morning when I finally woke up. Priorities.

Trader Joe's Chicken, Vegetable and Barley soup. And the microwave.

Microsoft Outlook Web Mail. That way I can check my work e-mail and not stress. . . Even though there is very little I can do about it today.

Poland Spring 1.5L bottles of water. Keeping me hydrated and eliminating multiple trips to the Brita pitcher to refill.

Mott's applesauce. For some reason this is my go-to food when I'm sick. Especially when I have a killer sore throat. I never eat it otherwise.

Generic brand nighttime cold/cough medicine. This one is last but it certainly is not least. I'm the type of person who can't sleep when she is sick so 2 tbs of this and I'm out.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

tuesday's child is full of grace

Good morning everyone.

I never made it home last night. I did not sleep in my own bed.

Now let's not get too excited. I had a sleepover job. I went straight from work yesterday to "work," slept in the baby's room, woke up and came to work this morning. Along the way I forgot my toothbrush and dehoderant (Making an early morning trip to the drug store imperative! - Thank goodness they had a spare toothbrush. Yuck!) and ended up with a four-year-old in my bed.

But I woke up to my "roommate's" sweet little face this morning, made some cash, and I must say my commute to work from their apartment is so much more preferable!

In other news the cold that has been teasing me since Friday has decided to make it official. Only 8(ish) hours until uninterrupted bliss and 11ish until I hit the Nyquil.

One mississippi, two mississippi. . .

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

quote for an icy morning

Hang in there everyone! Punxatawney Phil did NOT see his shadow today. :)