Monday, April 26, 2010

humbled by a cable box: one girl's showdown with her electronics

I consider myself a feminist.

I think Joan of Arc and Rosie the Riviter were bad ass, read books about how to empower myself at work, and think it is ridiculous that my co-worker (a male) makes more than I do at the same level.

But there is one area for which I remain a sexist. I believe it is a man's domain and while a woman can be just as capable as any man, this woman isn't.

I'm talking about electronics.

I returned from my big Texas adventure to find that my cable box had a lovely error message that read something like "You this box does not have permission. Please call your cable company. You cannot watch your favorite shows anymore. Sucker!" So I called the cable company, they had me do all sorts of high-tech things like unplug it and plug it back in and then determined they needed to send a tech.

I realized after I made the appointment for between 5 and 8 pm on Saturday that my sitting job started at 5:15. Then when I learned no one else was going to be home, I put on my big girl panties and marched myself down to the tech center armed with a book and prepared to wait 2 hrs to see someone who would say 3 words to me before giving me a brand spanking new box. 20 mins later I almost skipped home.

Fast forward a bit to me trying to set up the stupid thing. I even called my bro for some long distance tech support. Where was he when I needed him? He always set up all my electronic stuff! When that didn't work I gave up for the day. On Sunday I had my roommate look at it. Still no luck. I called tech support where a very nice guy walked me through it, still to no avail. I gave up and made another appointment to have someone come out again and since I can't take off work for this stuff I resigned myself to wait until next Sunday for my lovely ridiculous reality shows.

Tonight I was upstairs eating when roommate #2 and I got on the subject. She said she'd come down and take a look at it. We fiddled around for a second when she said, "Are you sure it is on the right channel?" After uttering an emphatic "Yes!" I decided to hunt down the remote (buried in my bed as always) and press 0 3 just to prove her wrong.

And what happens.... ?

The damn thing comes on.

So I have to cancel my Time Warner appointment.

I really can't wait until I can't wait to pass the electronic reigns to a man. I may be able to carry a 50 lb. air conditioner several blocks and up 5 flights of stairs (NOT something I recommend, by the way. I was insane to do it!) but this... nope. I am totally challenged.

Friday, April 23, 2010

friday faves

Just thought I'd share some of my favorites on this lovely Friday!

TV Episode: The Office - Secretary's Day

Last night's episode cracked me up. My favorite parts: When Michael said that Andy's clothes remind him of Easter. Jim's impression of Kevin's voice. Erin's freak-out in the restaurant. It is so hard to pick. Have I mentioned I'm in love with Jim Halpert?

Song: Soul Shine - Beth Hart

I've been listening to this one on repeat all week. Such calming and inspiring lyrics.


"New York, third-wave feminist, college-educated, single and pretending to be happy about it, over-scheduled, undersexed, you buy any magazine that says 'healthy body image' on the cover, and every two years you take up knitting for... a week." - 30 Rock

Link: The Most Absurd Breakup Letters of All Time

Hilarious! #2 is my favorite. I also think #7 is pretty kick ass. I wish someone would describe my smile as being like "1,000 sparkly trampolines."

Have a great weekend everyone!

I was supposed to go out with the roommate tonight but she's not feeling well so we are going to get food and watch chick flicks. I am pretty bummed as I have been out of town and we haven't gone out and had fun in what feels like forever, but life happens. I'm going with it. I'm grateful for the company and good friendship tonight.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dear New York...

Dear New York,

I'm sorry I've been so hard on you lately. I've criticized your busyness and craziness, the constant feeling of competition, your high cost of living, your impossible dating scene, your people in general. I've taken my frustrations about my life out on you. I've turned my nose up at many a dirty subway stop, blamed you for feeling out of place, and mostly, have questioned my commitment to you. It's true, I fleetingly and briefly pondered leaving you and for that I truly apologize.

I've been impossible to live with. I've demanded perfection - that you be something you are not. Much like what is seen on TV and in the movies. As a card carrying perfectionist, I know this is unfair. I know you try the best you can with me to give me what I need and deserve and so far you have made my life great.

Truth is this is the best relationship I've ever had. You've given me so much strength and courage and shown me that I can do anything. Because of you I am a more interesting person, a better friend, a better daughter, and a determined individual. You've taught me that life, even when it is not, is firmly in my grasp. Your buildings give me hope, your streets grant me perspective, and your people give a better knowledge of myself.

I will try to remember that just like me, you are imperfect and realistic. You don't live in a fantasy world. You take the good, bad, and ugly and put them in my face for me to sort out. I will try to grace your sidewalks with gratitude and love - qualities that I can only hope will resonate in me even on the most difficult of days.

Thank you for the memories, stories, experiences, trials, laughter, hope, and general cheese that I can share with others. Thank you for showing me that it is always darkest before the dawn.

All my love,


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

from pity party to eat your heart out

Earlier tonight I was feeling sorry for myself because I don't have a cutesy New York apartment all to myself (or a cutesy New York room even - I often joke that it looks like a boy's room because it is so bare compared to other girls' dolled up rooms) but that's me: functional and casual.

Then I tried to figure out what to wear tomorrow (I have to be a bit dressier than usual) and I got frustrated because 1) I hate all my clothes (of course) 2) I don't fit in half of the stuff I own (hello, Texas! Thanks for the lbs!) and 3) I'm not walking straight out of Sex and the City. I own like two pairs of heels. Then I remembered that I work in a business casual office where flats are in fashion and cardigans are worn daily and that I'm "on a diet" because of the horrible eating habits that were Winter 2010 and that Carrie Bradshaw couldn't really afford all the stuff she owned in real life anyway. Plus I have an IRA and I'm in my mid-twenties.

Eat your heart out Carrie.

My point, I suppose, is gratitude. My mom mentioned it earlier tonight. It isn't about having "come to Jesus" moments or being thankful to friends, family, etc. for being so awesome, it is about being grateful for the small things... and tonight, while still somewhat in attendance at my own pity party, I am grateful that I am a practical and casual person. Given the life I lead, I think it is safe to say it has served me well.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

and you shall call me dorothy...

Dear Blog Friends,

I'm stuck in the South. Now I know some of you are from the South and while it is lovely and all that, truth be told this is not home for me. I miss my bed. I miss my too-small room that often reminds me of a guy's room. (It is so bare compared to so many people I know but I have a hard time justifying buying a bunch of stuff and investing in it when I am likely to move in twelve short months anyway.) I miss the rats and the dirt and the loud cabs and the cursing. I almost don't remember what Central Park looks like. I'm being melodramatic.

In all seriousness, I'm just not a Texan at heart. I'm a New Yorker now. I put on my blinders when I walk down the street. I get annoyed by tourists in Times Square. I avoid the place at all costs! I justify paying an insane amount in rent by saying that I don't have a car payment or insurance payments or gas and repair costs. I have three roommates. I live in Grand Central Station. I think the real Grand Central is beautiful. I love seeing random things walking down the street. Homeless people don't scare me. And I do give them money on the subway.... sometimes. I'm a New Yorker, damnit and I wanna go home.

And home I shall go on Saturday. I've been in this great big friendly state for the equivalent of two weeks and though I will miss the "ya'lls" and the space and the delicious Mexican food; the friends, the time, and the suburban bliss, I must click my heels and go back...

for there is no place like home. And Manhattan is where my heart is.

Friday, April 9, 2010

remembering what it is like to breathe

Ahh vacation.

There really is nothing like it. Recharging batteries, regaining perspective, reintroducing sanity, and revealing your calm side once again. Yes, I do have a calm side. I'd forgotten about it, really. After a whirlwind week of three days in the office (Hey, the timing was bad. Sometimes that just happens.), frustration abound with regard to my personal life, and a definite "New York is pissing me off" day, I boarded a plane again yesterday and by 8 pm I was drinking margaritas and eating fabulous Mexican food. I'm not "home" but it was definitely like going home: the food, the laid back atmosphere, the flip flops, the best friend of twelve years. Bliss.

BFF is at work today so I am chilling like I have never chilled before. Well, if chilling involves Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred (so nice to get my body moving again after a bit of a hiatus!). This morning I ate my cereal while watching Tristan and Isolde on TV and throwing a ball around for the dog. Then I had my date with Jillian and now I am showered, refreshed, and settling in to watch Gone With the Wind, sip water all afternoon, play around online, perhaps
take the dog for a little walk, and (gasp!) write!

Tonight we are going for dinner and to a dance performance. Tomorrow a theme park and a piano bar. Sunday, my first hockey game. Thank GOD for vacations and great friends. They make me feel like a real person again.

Do you have a fun and/or relaxing vacay coming up? Share!

Monday, April 5, 2010

everything I need to know in life I learned in a rented mini-van

I spent last week in South Texas; in a town of 19,000 folks; with a slew of name brand fast food joints and, of course, a Wal-Mart; in a mini-van with a great friend and a trio of rambunctious little boys. I was on an out-town-nannying gig for some extra cash. On the heels of this adventure I have been thinking about all the things I learned unexpectedly...

...the entire sountrack to Thomas and Friends Ride the Rails.

...that Dr. Brown's bottles will ALWAYS leak on you.

...that there are a thousand ways to change the words to Ol McDonald and the Wheels on the Bus

...and that the M's on the bus say "essentially" (guess I say that word a lot!)

...that I could hack it in the 'burbs if my heart was in it.

...that I am the type of person who knocks on doors to make sure the owners know their kitten is outside.

....that if there weren't three tots in tow I would have picked up the stray pregnant puppy we saw and tried to get her help. So sad! I just about cried.

...that sometimes the answer is just "no."

...that sometimes the answer is just "because."

...that a good friend makes all the difference.

...that "family" is found and made everywhere, in every situation.

...that Mexican restaurants are closed on Good Friday in small-town Texas.

...that I need to start writing.

...that I can actually enjoy the Millionaire Matchmaker.

...never under estimate the power of a free breakfast in improving one's mood. Who needs the Hilton?! They charge for everything!

...that jellyfish look really cool washed up on the shores of South Padre Island.

...that the aisles of Wal-Mart are about as wide as the entire width of a NYC grocery store.

...that I still don't like Wal-Mart.

...that Whattaburger is amazing.

...that much can be cured with a DQ Blizzard.

...that I am at my most comfortable around kids.

...that fun can be had for this city girl, even in the middle of nowhere.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

howdy ho

Dear bloggers,

I have neglected you. I've been in the middle of nowhere living an alternative life in which I change dirty diapers, read bedtime stories, and squired around a small town in a mini-van. I wrote a post mid-week but abandoned it when the kiddos came a callin' so that is yet to come.

For now I must sleep so more later.

Just sayin' "hi"!

How are all of you?