Friday, March 25, 2011

my so-called life?

I've stolen this idea from MCW because... well it is a good one.

One day when I'm old and gray and there are flying computers and teleportation devices or something I'm probably going to be curious about what life was like for me in this big city at the tender age of "twenty-something." I don't lead a super exciting life. I'm not constantly out, don't do clubs that often, and God knows my life isn't something out of Sex and the City (Whose IS?!) but it is my life, I'm comfortable in it (most days), and I had a pretty typical week this week so I thought I'd write it all out...

A week in my life:


The week started off kind of crappy I guess but it wasn't the end of the world. I was supposed to go to a professionally related Happy Hour event after work but my stomach was hurting so badly that I ended up leaving early for the day and going straight home. I spent the night trying to figure out what I could/wanted to eat, watching TV online, and trying to get ahead of myself on the lunch-making, clothes-choosing and other domestic parts of my life. Per usual, my organization fizzled after one day. I ate pretzels for lunch today. Yeah...


I spent Tuesday evening in the company of my favorite little girls as I hopped on the train right after work and headed to their beautiful apartment for job numero dos (aka a babysitting gig). The baby (who is two now and really not a baby anymore - insert sad face) took a tiny spill of a squatty kid-sized chair and bumped her noggin on another squatty kid-sized chair. Tears ensued, of course, and though I'm not mommy I did my best to wipe them away. The parents came home early-ish, which was awesome, as I had spent the evening talking to my mom on the phone and had completely forgotten to get dinner. I happily headed home and watched Teen Mom 2 while eating carrots, cheese and cereal. (Remember what I said in the last paragraph? Organization gone by dinner time!)


Super fun! I played bar trivia with some friends. I love trivia! Pigged out on fries and ended up seriously regretting it but at the end of the night my tab wasn't bad and I learned that Lil' Wayne has ESPN tattooed on his arm and Amazon is being sued for using the word "app" in its new "app" store. Oh trivia. How I love your randomness. I didn't do very well but I had fun and I did get a couple right.


More kiddos! Same kiddos. Tonight the older little girl sang songs for me in Spanish and then had me help her with a little coloring project where she drew a hand, colored fake fingernails, I cut them out and we glued them on. Interesting. The baby also joined in the singing fun with "Head Shoulders Knees and Nose." I'm telling you, the little songs melted my heart like you would not believe and I think I felt my ovaries twitch. I love those girls!

Friday (Today)

Tonight I'm going out to dinner with a friend. We're going to a French restaurant. I rarely eat French food because it always feels so heavy to me but I think I just have to order smartly.


I used to volunteer a lot on Saturdays but I haven't been doing as much lately in favor of taking back my mornings. There is nothing better than knowing you can go to sleep whenever you darn well feel like it and sleep in as late as you want the next day. I mean, it is like Christmas... And when it comes at least once a week... who wouldn't want that? I will probably poke around the house tomorrow morning and watch TV or Netflix Instant Streaming. Then...

Even more kids. I have plans to look after a cheeky little British girl who is super fun to talk to. The rub is that I turned down two invitations - one to see a movie and one to a play! - to take this job but they asked me first and I never back out unless I'm sick. Girls' gotta eat!


No set plans yet! I need to be around the apartment because someone is coming by to give me something in the morning but after that I will likely convince myself I'm going to do my taxes and go for a walk, watch TV, mess around on the internet, etc. instead. Maybe I'll meet up with a friend for brunch or something. You never can tell about Sundays...

Oh and I'll go to dance class at some point this weekend.

Happy Friday!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

sunny days...

It is gorgeous out today. Cooler than yesterday's seventy degrees but still sunny and respectable in temperature.

I should be out enjoying it...

Instead I'm being the world's laziest bag o' bones.

So far today I have watched the end of a documentary I started late, late last night, eaten cereal, talked to my parents on the phone, talked to BFF on the phone (twice), watched "Kathy Griffin 50 and Not Pregnant" and I'm in the middle of a Sex and the City marathon on E!

Oh I'm so busy I don't know where to start.

I have no motivation for anything this weekend. You know what I'm talking about. I forced myself to get dressed so I could go outside (Oh yeah... I decided I didn't want any of the food I have at home so I rant to the bank to get cash and then went to the nearby cafe to get take out.) But I just can't bring myself to care today.

It happens. I know. But I was a busy kid when I was just a little two-year-old squirt setting up tea parties in the closet. Staying busy keeps me motivated and happy. I enjoy my time off and love lazy weekends but I know this lack of energy for anything today is because of a small but acute case of the blues.

It's just one of those days. I just wish the weather matched.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

i dare you to let me be your one and only...

Just. Wow.

Love her. Love this.

So perfect.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


A favorite family of mine used to play a game they called "high/low" at the dinner table. Everyone would go around and state the highlight of his or her day and then the "lowlight" too. I loved this idea as it seems like a great way to share and get conversation going in families (or amongst friends too!)

Today, I bring you my high/low:


Speaking with a celebrity on the phone for something work related. I'm not so much starstruck (although it IS cool to tell people) as I am glad that I have the opportunity to do something that is deemed pretty big and important within my department. Unfortunately, I can't share who but it was pretty awesome and the call went well, I think.

Being copied on an email to my boss and another "boss type" in which another author praised me and the work I'm doing. Yes!!


I am not a perfect person. I made a mistake. I messed something up. And it might cost money to fix. So now I get to fix it tomorrow. Ugh. Fail.

What were your high/low moments of the day?

Friday, March 4, 2011

whirlwind friday

Holy frijoles what a busy few weeks I have had!

Topped off by the uber-crazy work week that just passed.

Last weekend BFF was in town for whirlwind NYC adventure. Adventurous it was not... really. We spent most of the time dodging the touristy things (She's been here enough. She's seen.) opting instead for brunch, Starbucks and reading, Barnes & Noble visits, dinner, drinks, more brunch, etc.

This week was nuts-o-la! I had two half day events at work culminating in an entire day away from my desk so this kept me super busy all week. I also managed to do Happy Hour with a new friend (who is also in the biz, though at a different house) and visit the MOMA (first time!) with a couple of friends for their Happy Hour event.

And the upcoming weekend has me sitting on babies, washing the clothes, meeting several strangers (more on that to come!), catching some flicks and partaking of buffets--all the while trying not to spend my entire paycheck along the way.

Have a good weekend everyone!