Tuesday, November 4, 2008

10 Things in List Form

1. The new apartment is awesome. I love it. I love my new friendlier roommates, the space, the storage, and the promise that a brand new TV and bookcase bring.

2. Keeping all this in mind, I feel so disoriented. I came down with a cold on moving day which left me foggy-headed wandering down Broadway to Bed, Bath and Beyond and Best Buy on Saturday. It is still Manhattan but it feels so different on this side. All of this coupled with the time change has my body very confused.

3. The downstairs toilet flooded my first night here. Welcome home. My roommate and I were at least laughing about it as we mopped up what turned out to be a very mild explosion as far as the gross factor goes.

4. I live underground now. Yep. You read right. This has been hard for me to get used to. My room is in a basement. Mind you, I do have a window but being able to hear the subway go by and know that it isn't too far from you is just weird.

5. I am glued to CNN right now.

6. I voted in my first NY election today. I walked the one block over to the polling place located in the basement of a ritzy UWS high rise. I stood there for an hour waiting for my district's ONE antiquated machine. So much for touch screen, this daddy had levers and switches that made me feel like I was a telephone operator. One ringy dingy...

7. I did not get an "I voted." sticker. I was so bummed.

8. I want to go to Maine and Vermont.

9. I miss walking home through Central Park already.

10. I purposely did not buy any sweets at the grocery store this week. Clearly, this decision was an oversight on my part. I wish there was a Pinkberry across the street.

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stephdog01 said...

I got sick on moving day too. Weird. I was worried that something in my new house was making me sick, but it turns out I was just unlucky.