Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the cycle

Date #2 happened last night.

It went fine and I had a nice time.

I'm open to a 3rd.

But I'm feeling frustrated and burnt out. And I'm tired of feeling this way. It happens often. I go on a couple of dates, it stops being fun, I stop going on them but then start up again because well... that's what you do. It is going to happen some day and some day might as well be today, right?

And I tend to do this thing where I don't give up. I'm too stubborn to. It is both a blessing and a curse in life.

It is time to hibernate again.

'Til next time...


Summer Athena said...

keep being stubborn! don't give up. you have to try try try. no hibernating. i want to see you tomorrow.

DSS said...

I can't remember if I told you this or not, BUT...I kept at it too. My mother said I had to give everyone THREE chances before I told them I wasn't interested. That was hard. And frustrating. And....I hated it.

But do you know what? I think that because I put myself through that, and kept trying, when I did meet TEN I was so excited that I like him and it was easy and I just "knew" I wanted to see him. He was so much easier to be with than the other people. There was no pressure.

And I think that had I not put myself to the test of trying to "stick with it", I may not have appreciated him so much when he came along. I think I may have been more likely to overlook him if I hadn't been trying so hard for so long.

Just food for thought :)