Monday, July 11, 2011

miscellaneous monday - the hot as hades edition

1. It is stick-y here.

I went to the beach yesterday (woohoo!) and burned my white little self. Oy. My own fault. I did not reapply enough. It was so much fun though and I was once again reminded how good the beach is for my soul. Makes me wonder why I chose to move somewhere where the surf and sand is at least an hour away by public transportation when I was ten minutes away from it California.

2. I'm going to a Harry Potter trivia event tomorrow and I am so excited!

3. I am feeling better! Hooray! No more coughing and I have my energy level back.

4. Today I went to the gym for the first time in a few weeks. Eek! Got some work to do.

5. I have an event for work tomorrow and I'm nervous. This is the first one I've been entirely responsible for. Fingers crossed it goes well!

6. I made a Two Princes (by the Spin Doctors) station on Pandora tonight. Love! I love 80's music but I'm definitely a 90's girl!

7. I went to Staples on the way home from work tonight and saw a ton of moms and kids shopping for what I assume are back-to-school supplies. Seriously?! Is it really that time again? No way.

8. That's all she wrote!

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Angela said...

glad to hear you are feeling better and getting to enjoy the (sticky) summer :) i have yet to jump on the harry potter train! so behind on so many things, it's hard to keep up. anyhoo, hope you continue to have a good week!