Friday, December 4, 2009

Dear world, I'm feeling emo today...

Dear NYC cab drivers,

I realize that your job is hard and traffic here is nuts but the last two cab rides I took left me feeling incredibly queasy and crappy when I exited them. Braking hard and swerving so often that I get nauseous doesn't encourage me to tip you well.

Dear John Doe (aka last week's date),

Please call me. I'd like to go out with you again and this says something because, I don't generally like most guys I meet.

Dear knee,

I appreciate the fact that you are getting better little by little but please hurry up. I was stupid enough to look today while I was being weighed at the doctor's office and Turkey Day plus the lack of excercise this week... well you can guess... Plus I miss dancing. So get better pronto. I need to start moving again.

Dear Producers and Writers of My Sister's Keeper (the movie),

You kind of butchered the book, I'm not sure I like the Cameron Diaz casting but thank you for providing me with something interesting to do on my emo day.

Dear Jane Doe (aka former potential roommate),

Thanks a lot for backing out. I know we have a few more weeks before the current roommate moves out but now we have to start all over again.

Dear M (aka me),

Things are fine. You're employed, healthier than many, have lovely friends and a loving family. You're a good person and deserve good things. Be kind to yourself.

Dear Blog Friends,

Hope you're having a wonderful Friday.


Jenny DB said...

Have you heard the "Emo Kid" song?? if not you should google it, it's pretty freakin funny!

MCW said...

I was going to do a Dear Cabbie and Dear Knee! Haha...I was going to tell the Cabbie to stop getting made at me when I use a credit card! They always huff and puff and get pissy when I don't use cash!
I hope this weekend gets better!

TudorCity Girl said...

Love it!! Especially the letter to yourself. Yes, always remember those things. It's all about gratitude, really!

I know what you mean by generally not liking most guys you meet. So I really hope that this guy you like calls soon! If it is meant to be, he will (or you could-- call/email him??), and if not, that just means there is someone better coming along for you someday.

Have a great wknd and hope your knee is all better soon!

Ms. M said...

Totally agree about the cabbie one! I hope your weekend gets better :) Going to Cali for the holiday?

Anonymous said...

Sorry your knee is still bothering you. Get better, Knee! And also, glad you liked John Doe. I will keep my fingers crossed that he calls you.

Last, you're absolutely right, the producers of "My Sister's Keeper" jacked that one up. I want my money back.