Thursday, December 10, 2009

what's in a nickname?

I have French Furniture Guy, Saved by the Bell, and most recently the Cowboy (because of his Texas roots).

Yes, I'm guilty of naming guys I've dated. My dating blog haunt, Single-ish, talks about this phenomenon today so I'm reminiscing with my friend (whose current "beau" I also nicknamed).

Why do I do it?

I find that guys are all named the same thing (Mike, Joe, John) so it is easy to get them mixed up... especially when telling stories to and commiserating with friends. So until names like Vern, Alfred, and Elmer come back, I'll stick to giving them nicknames based on what they do, what they look like, and my first impression of them. At least for the first few dates or so.

Cruel and impersonal? Nah. I think it is fun.

I just never want to know what someone called me...

Anyone else out there do it?


Jenny DB said...

I LIKE IT! Makes it easier for all of us bloggees to keep track of too:)

MCW said...

I once had MattOne, MattTwo and MattThree. I was dating all 3 of them at the same time. Ha.

Danielle said...

sI give the guys nicknames all of the time...its just easier that way! My friends love to give new nicknames to the guys that I date.

DSS said...

Absolutely!!! When I started my blog I named every single guy I went out with. It's so much easier to keep people straight that way, because obviously their nicknames obviously have something to do w/their characteristics.

My girfriends do it too, and I rarely know their boyfriend's "real" names until they have been dating for a month or so :)