Monday, January 24, 2011

my winter weekend was. . .

. . . relaxed. I spent Friday night in with Fashion Police (It's kind of funny. I'd never seen it before.), the new Newbery Award winner, and a good burger.
. . .mismatched. I wore a white sock and a brown and yellow striped one on Friday. Saturday was a big laundry day!
. . .informative. I was in a documentary mood this weekend and I watched some great ones. 8 (Interesting and so heartbreaking. That's all I will say.), The Cove (incredibly heartbreaking), National Geographic: China's Lost Girls and National Geographic: Stress, Portrait of a Killer (both were really intriguing and informative).
. . .international. I baked in Italian at my friend's house for her housewarming party. We used her Italian cookbook (which she translated for me) to make yummy cake with Bavarian creme and delicious cookies.
. . .friendly. I met some lovely new people at said party and we chatted the night away.
. . .snowy. No, it didn't snow but I decided I needed an excuse to get my butt out of my jammies on Sunday so I grabbed my camera and boots and went for a walk. I hadn't really gotten any snow photos yet so I had fun for about 45 minutes at the park before I decided it was too cold and went home! (The featured photo is from my "photo shoot.")
. . .sharp and sexy. I went to dance class and loved, loved the combination. It was different from the funky and sassy stuff she normally does.

What was your weekend?


MCW said...

You do "my weekend was" so much better then me. Way more put together! Sounds relaxing and fabulous!

DSS said...

Yea...your "my weekend was" rocks compared to mine! sounds like a LOVELY weekend :)

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

bravo to this post! love it.

i am thinking that you baking in italian sounds fabulous. what did you make?

TudorCity Girl said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me! I wish I had the motivation to get myself outside and snap some shots.