Sunday, January 30, 2011

mystery man

So it has been a while since I've been on, however, that doesn't stop them from sending me e-mails begging me to come back.

I know. I'm that amazing.

They offer me three months for the price of one, 25% off, and other deals to get me to bite. Then there are the "He winked at you!" and "He e-mailed you!" ones. Most recently I've been sent the latter. It is my fault, really. I should have disabled my profile if I wasn't going to be active on the site. But generally I just press the "delete" button in my inbox and go on my merry way.

Now on to the gentleman who e-mailed me. I can't see him, don't know anything about him except for what they tease me with to get me to sign up again and e-mail him back... I know three things about my mystery man. He likes aerobics and camping and he works in IT/Computers/Engineering.

I keep picturing someone like this in my mind:

Whatta man!

(I know, I'm horrible.)

(image via google)

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MCW said...

Hahaha! Love that he likes aerobics! You all could do a step class together.