Thursday, March 10, 2011


A favorite family of mine used to play a game they called "high/low" at the dinner table. Everyone would go around and state the highlight of his or her day and then the "lowlight" too. I loved this idea as it seems like a great way to share and get conversation going in families (or amongst friends too!)

Today, I bring you my high/low:


Speaking with a celebrity on the phone for something work related. I'm not so much starstruck (although it IS cool to tell people) as I am glad that I have the opportunity to do something that is deemed pretty big and important within my department. Unfortunately, I can't share who but it was pretty awesome and the call went well, I think.

Being copied on an email to my boss and another "boss type" in which another author praised me and the work I'm doing. Yes!!


I am not a perfect person. I made a mistake. I messed something up. And it might cost money to fix. So now I get to fix it tomorrow. Ugh. Fail.

What were your high/low moments of the day?


DSS said...

I used to play high/low in college as a drinking game :) I had forgotten about that!

Yesterday was full of lows for this girl, so I won't report. BUT...congrats to you for your highs :)

Jenny DB said...

I saw this in a movie too.. i think it had meryl streep in it? Or one of those memorable old ladies as the matriarch initiating high low at the dinner table... can't think of it though..