Friday, March 4, 2011

whirlwind friday

Holy frijoles what a busy few weeks I have had!

Topped off by the uber-crazy work week that just passed.

Last weekend BFF was in town for whirlwind NYC adventure. Adventurous it was not... really. We spent most of the time dodging the touristy things (She's been here enough. She's seen.) opting instead for brunch, Starbucks and reading, Barnes & Noble visits, dinner, drinks, more brunch, etc.

This week was nuts-o-la! I had two half day events at work culminating in an entire day away from my desk so this kept me super busy all week. I also managed to do Happy Hour with a new friend (who is also in the biz, though at a different house) and visit the MOMA (first time!) with a couple of friends for their Happy Hour event.

And the upcoming weekend has me sitting on babies, washing the clothes, meeting several strangers (more on that to come!), catching some flicks and partaking of buffets--all the while trying not to spend my entire paycheck along the way.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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