Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the one where i break everything

It is 12:22 am and I should be sawing logs... Or well on my way.

Especially since I have to be at work early tomorrow for a meeting.

But it is hot in my room tonight and I am still geared up from the last few days I have had.

It all started on Friday when I discovered that the "click" function on my new MacBook's trackpad (because, to me, 14 months old is still a baby) was no longer functioning properly. So I took it in to the Apple store on Sunday. Turns out it couldn't be fixed and since it was no longer under warranty, I paid to have it replaced.

Luckily, they had an appointment open so I had it done the day of and resolved to just forget it ever happened. I tend to think that that is the best way to deal with expensive surprises. That way I don't hyperventilate.

Then today I decided to actually go somewhere on my lunch hour and head to DSW to try to find shoes for a wedding I have this weekend. The line was long so it took a lot longer than expected and I was rushing back to the office. Long story short, I dropped my smartphone on the sidewalk and completely shattered the screen. As in giant spiderwebs of expensiveness and heartache. I was devastated. This thing isn't even a year old.

I'm still so worked up about this stupid thing that I am not remotely tired. I spent the afternoon weighing options, considering pleading with Verizon to sell me a new one at the upgrade price, Googled and read subsequent discussion forums where people told their similar tales of woe and others scolded them for purchasing a $500 phone and not getting insurance (Nope! I didn't get insurance either! Smart me!) I consulted Motorola about how much it would cost to fix the screen, looked on eBay a bit for used ones, felt sorry for myself.

In the end I will pay the price to have it fixed or replaced with a used one (because God forbid I actually give up this phone and go back to a flip phone!), charge the card, and resolve to forget about it. Just like the time I lost my entire DVD collection on a plane or the other time I left my iPod on a plane. Lost that too. We don't speak of these things. I have since learned my lesson about planes.

Perhaps I need to learn my lesson about extended warranties and insurance too.

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Katie Elizabeth said...

First I have to say that I hate Verizon for the insurance crap.. They're just ripping us all of since they get $90 every time we break the phone anyway plus $7 every month just to have the insurance. WTF? And second, I lost an entire CD collection on a plane before.. NOT COOL! I'm sorry! I hope your week gets better :)

xo katie elizabeth