Thursday, November 19, 2009

lessons for this reformed dating dummy: links for single ladies

A little peace of mind. Not to wear my heart on my sleeve or anything... OK! Moving on.

So very true! I'm trying to remember but I don't think I've ever experienced this. It really makes sense, though. Thoughts?

Bringing new flavor to "Soup for One." - I just ordered this book! I've loved Judith Jones since I saw Julie & Julia (she originally published The Art of French Cooking) and learned that she fished The Diaryof Anne Frank out of a pile and, as an editorial assistant, convinced her editor to publish it in the U.S. Wow!

And for a little humor... (I'm becoming worried about how often I have this song in my head. Every night before I go to bed, it never fails... Hmm...)



Little Match Girl said...

Thanks for those links. I totally connected with that first one!

Jenny DB said...

that 2nd link was quite interesting to me.. a little reminiscent of a very smart book 'why men marry bitches' - its a good read

a boy a girl and a pug said...

i've seen that video...that baby is adorable!

Ms. M said...

Oh my goodness! I watched that video for the first time today. Hilarious! Totally made my day.

MCW said...

The 1st article made me feel a little better! If only they could predict when it would happen :)