Saturday, February 27, 2010

stream of consciousness in the form of a blog post

It's been a while since I've posted.

No particular reason why. Just livin'.

I went to a really fun dance class today. There is a ton of snow on the ground. My mood is up a bit but we all still have our issues, right?

I've been feeling stuck lately while I feel most people I know are charging light years ahead of me. Someone close to me just got a new job with an amazing salary. My eyes are green, of course. I'm looking to the next thing and wondering what that will be. A new job? (I like my job.) I don't want to leave New York. Dance is fun. New friends maybe?

Who knows.

Until then, I'm still around. Waitin' on spring.

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Ms. M said...

I've missed your posts! But that being said, I'm totally in the same boat as you-- life seems incredibly non blog-worthy right now, so instead I spend my time oogling spring dresses online and hoping the weather gets warmer!

Also, I don't have your email and would love to see if you'd like to meet up with MCW and me at some point. :) Want to send an email if you do? minnesotatomanhattan [at]