Monday, April 5, 2010

everything I need to know in life I learned in a rented mini-van

I spent last week in South Texas; in a town of 19,000 folks; with a slew of name brand fast food joints and, of course, a Wal-Mart; in a mini-van with a great friend and a trio of rambunctious little boys. I was on an out-town-nannying gig for some extra cash. On the heels of this adventure I have been thinking about all the things I learned unexpectedly...

...the entire sountrack to Thomas and Friends Ride the Rails.

...that Dr. Brown's bottles will ALWAYS leak on you.

...that there are a thousand ways to change the words to Ol McDonald and the Wheels on the Bus

...and that the M's on the bus say "essentially" (guess I say that word a lot!)

...that I could hack it in the 'burbs if my heart was in it.

...that I am the type of person who knocks on doors to make sure the owners know their kitten is outside.

....that if there weren't three tots in tow I would have picked up the stray pregnant puppy we saw and tried to get her help. So sad! I just about cried.

...that sometimes the answer is just "no."

...that sometimes the answer is just "because."

...that a good friend makes all the difference.

...that "family" is found and made everywhere, in every situation.

...that Mexican restaurants are closed on Good Friday in small-town Texas.

...that I need to start writing.

...that I can actually enjoy the Millionaire Matchmaker.

...never under estimate the power of a free breakfast in improving one's mood. Who needs the Hilton?! They charge for everything!

...that jellyfish look really cool washed up on the shores of South Padre Island.

...that the aisles of Wal-Mart are about as wide as the entire width of a NYC grocery store.

...that I still don't like Wal-Mart.

...that Whattaburger is amazing.

...that much can be cured with a DQ Blizzard.

...that I am at my most comfortable around kids.

...that fun can be had for this city girl, even in the middle of nowhere.


MCW said...

I love the one about "no." So true!
Glad you had fun...

DSS said...

Whattaburger is key. A must for any trip to the south :) So glad you enjoyed!

It kindove helps to make up for the Wal-Mart, no?

a boy a girl and a pug said...

yes DQ does heal anything and everything...we'll have to chat more about your trip!

rtfgvb7822 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................