Friday, April 9, 2010

remembering what it is like to breathe

Ahh vacation.

There really is nothing like it. Recharging batteries, regaining perspective, reintroducing sanity, and revealing your calm side once again. Yes, I do have a calm side. I'd forgotten about it, really. After a whirlwind week of three days in the office (Hey, the timing was bad. Sometimes that just happens.), frustration abound with regard to my personal life, and a definite "New York is pissing me off" day, I boarded a plane again yesterday and by 8 pm I was drinking margaritas and eating fabulous Mexican food. I'm not "home" but it was definitely like going home: the food, the laid back atmosphere, the flip flops, the best friend of twelve years. Bliss.

BFF is at work today so I am chilling like I have never chilled before. Well, if chilling involves Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred (so nice to get my body moving again after a bit of a hiatus!). This morning I ate my cereal while watching Tristan and Isolde on TV and throwing a ball around for the dog. Then I had my date with Jillian and now I am showered, refreshed, and settling in to watch Gone With the Wind, sip water all afternoon, play around online, perhaps
take the dog for a little walk, and (gasp!) write!

Tonight we are going for dinner and to a dance performance. Tomorrow a theme park and a piano bar. Sunday, my first hockey game. Thank GOD for vacations and great friends. They make me feel like a real person again.

Do you have a fun and/or relaxing vacay coming up? Share!


luckygirl said...

sounds absolutely divine! i just returned from a chill vaca in FLA and it was so nice to just doing nothing but eat and read. enjoy it!

Ms. M said...

That sounds absolutely positively lovely. Enjoy and soak in every moment!

DSS said...

I wish I had a nice vacation scheduled!! I need to do that. Just reading about tasty Mexican food is making my stomach rumble :)