Wednesday, September 8, 2010

when nobody tags you, you tag yourself

I figure it is time for another post and since I am back from the Hamptons and life is in full swing once again, I figured I'd avoid complaining and talking about it with this lovely list of q&a fun that I stole from my friend DSS.

1. Favorite flower: calla lilies

2. favorite color combination? I don't really know. Used to be brown and teal blue.

3. favorite celebrity couple? Please don't hurt me but I kind of like Tori & Dean because they seem so chill with each other. Beyond that I honestly don't care.

4. theme song? I often find a lot of solace and comfort in music so I have a lot of songs I consider to be my "theme songs." But the first that comes to mind right now is Beth Hart's 'As Good as It Gets'

5. favorite 'i've had a bad day' food - any mexican food!

6. lipstick, lip gloss or both? usually lip gloss or chapstick

7. favorite magazine? people (i'm not much of a magazine person)

8. favorite thing about fall? everything! fall is my favorite season. i especially love autumn in new york. the leaves in central park, the chill in the air, the halloween decorations on stoops in west village... fall was my first season in the city and it will be forever imprinted on me and will always be a big part of what i view this city to be.

9. what has been the best vacation you ever took? London! (Pics are from this time but I also count my semester there which was basically a vacation!)

10. what is your dream car? I'm weird. I don't really have one. I would probably say some sort of Toyota Hybrid because they are reliable and I like hybrids but behind that I'm not a flashy car kinda gal.

11. what is your favorite fall trend? do riding boots and scarves count as a trend?

12. what is your favorite photograph you have taken or that has been taken of you? i have a few that i've taken and made enlarged prints of that i love and have had framed. right now i have 2 8x10's from my recent trip to london in great frames that i got at tjmaxx for $14.99! one photo is of a pond and surrounding scenery in hampstead heath and the other one kind of contrasts it as it is an angled shot of a red telephone booth lined up with big ben. maybe at some time i will take a pic to show you what they look like (or at least post the photos here).

13. what is one food you would never eat under any circumstances? weird animal parts

14. what is your favorite quote? "i am not afraid. i was born to do this." joan of arc

15. who has most impacted your life? my parents

16. what would you like to be known for? kindness, compassion, and making a difference in someone's life


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

"weird animal parts" - i couldn't agree with you more on this. no way!

I think you are pretty awesome and i am glad you tagged yourself.

I love brown and teal too!

MCW said...

LOL! Tori and crack me up!