Saturday, September 4, 2010

reflections from the hamptons

I am in the Hamptons this weekend.

As the hired help but still, getting paid while I swam gentle laps in the gorgeous pool, sunned myself and relaxed with a book since the family is off having fam time at some event is nothing to sneeze at. Besides it gets me away from my crazy apartment.

Changes are coming for me. It is time. This has definitely been the year the novelty of this great city has worn off. I have been tested, surprised, and pushed to discover more about myself, what I want, what I can withstand and what I seek in life. I will elaborate more another time. Life here, like life in general, is not glamorous. It is tough and amazing, provides perspective and, if you're lucky, hope. It is gritty and raw, while in the next breath uplifting and inspiring.

Right now, while enjoying these last bits of summer, it just tells me breathe.

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