Sunday, February 13, 2011

the one where i (again) review movies and you all tell me if you agree, disagree, and what you've watched lately. . .

Another winter weekend. Another movie marathon.

Considering I'm still pretty down for the count, I've tried to look on the bright side. And since I've already paid homage to the wonder that is Netflix Instant Streaming and it's ability to babysit the infirm (I exaggerate for the effect. Is it working?) I'll just get going with my thoughts on the flicks I caught. . .

1. The King's Speech

I actually ventured out with some friends Friday night and finally saw this one. I'd been wanting to for a while. Let me just put in my Oscar predictions here and now. Colin Firth for Best Actor. Hands down. He was incredible. Geoffrey Rush's performance was also every bit as amazing and he completely deserves Best Supporting Actor. The film itself was great and I wouldn't be surprised if it wins Best Picture. I love historical stuff and biopics so I thought they all did an absolutely wonderful job depicting an historical figure I knew pretty much nothing about. I wish they'd gone more into his role as king and the history he was involved in but I realize that really isn't what the movie was about.


2. World Trade Center

I'm cheating a bit with this one as I've seen it a couple of times before. It is currently on the instant view queue so I watched it yesterday morning. Normally I am not a Nicholas Cage fan. Like... at all. He has such a mopey face and reminds me a lot of Ross's character on Friends. And ever movie he's in becomes a "Nicholas Cage movie" but all of this aside, there is a reason I have seen this movie several times. I thought it did a really good job of portraying events while zeroing into the lives of ordinary people who became heroes.

QUEUE IT UP! (But make sure you have Kleenex!)

3. The Killers

OK, I confess I wasn't going to see this movie. But I was in the mood for something mindless so I put it at the top of my queue. I watched it this morning and I must say while it wasn't Shakespeare I didn't hate it. Some parts were kind of cute but for the most part it was mindless, just like I thought it would be.

SKIP IT (Unless you want proof that Ashton Kutcher can play a role other than the goofy college kid... Barely.)

4. Arranged

This indie movie tells the story of two women, both teachers in a Brooklyn school who become friends. One is Muslim and the other an Orthodox Jew. Both are going through the process of matchmaking for an arranged marriage. The premise of this movie was intriguing. As were the impressive looking indie film festival logos on the "cover image." But I found the movie itself, while somewhat delightful, to be forced and hokey in various places. Some parts were surprisingly more stereotypical than I would have imagined. One of the Muslim woman's "suitors" was a hairy older man from the "old country" while the Orthodox Jewish woman's matches were various degrees of socially awkward. The movie, of course, was tied up in a neat little bow by the end and while I don't feel like I wasted my time, I was a bit disappointed.


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