Tuesday, February 8, 2011

tuesday's child is full of grace

Good morning everyone.

I never made it home last night. I did not sleep in my own bed.

Now let's not get too excited. I had a sleepover job. I went straight from work yesterday to "work," slept in the baby's room, woke up and came to work this morning. Along the way I forgot my toothbrush and dehoderant (Making an early morning trip to the drug store imperative! - Thank goodness they had a spare toothbrush. Yuck!) and ended up with a four-year-old in my bed.

But I woke up to my "roommate's" sweet little face this morning, made some cash, and I must say my commute to work from their apartment is so much more preferable!

In other news the cold that has been teasing me since Friday has decided to make it official. Only 8(ish) hours until uninterrupted bliss and 11ish until I hit the Nyquil.

One mississippi, two mississippi. . .


MCW said...

I love waking up to my nephews cute little faces!

Little Match Girl said...

Hope you feel better! I know what battling a cold id like....it has been going on too long!

DSS said...

Girl! I jumped up straight right here in my chair when you said he didn't come home last night. I'm so darn behind reading and such that I just KNEW I'd missed something!

Sheesh! Don't startle me like that :)

I am babysitting my BFF's 2 children tonight and couldn't be more excited!