Friday, April 29, 2011

friday, i'm in love

It's Friday and I love...

1. The Royal Wedding.

OK, I admit. I'm in love with it. Mostly because of this scene.

He is adorable. And they're in love. And it makes my cynical frayed heart happy today so that's all that matters.

2. Button-down tops

I'm wearing one today and this morning I left my apartment feeling like I really do need to buy more like it. It's almost seersucker looking... grayish blue and white with tiny stripes. I think it makes me look preppy and I don't really look "preppy" that often. I'm diggin' it.

3. Fun work friends

I feel like I'm coming more into my own at work and making friends, which is nice. Two girls in my department and I have plans for a Happy Hour next week and we were chatting about the morning's events in the assistant's cubicle this morning. I also now sit by a really sweet publicity assistant who greets me with a "Good Morning, M!" each morning. :)

4. Re-reading books

I'm loving A Tree Grows in Brooklyn the second time around. I'm considering continuing with my re-reading (seems a bit easier to take on "fun" books this way since I read so much for work) with The Book Thief next. What would you re-read? I love saying re-read. It is fun.

5. Fridays!

T-G-I-F! Tomorrow if the weather is nice I will probably just take a walk or two and laze around. Maybe get in some shopping if I feel up to it.

What do you love this Friday?


Claire Kiefer said...

This post helps me to feel more cheerful since I've been in a foul mood today! I haven't seen the wedding yet but I recorded it and will watch later tonight. Eager to see the dress and shoes, of course.

I just ran and got a latte with one of my work pals and it really did help--friends at work make the day much better. Happy Friday. :)

Jenny DB said...

That's a really quite little look he gives her :-) Hadn't seen that, thanks! Also, still need to check out the book thief!

MCW said...

What an adorable look he gives her! She looks very beautiful. I have to read the Book Thief!