Tuesday, May 25, 2010

lemonade please

I have had a hell of a few weeks.

London was amazing but I returned to bad news, embarrassment, and illness.

Yes, the pity party continues today.

I am in need of lemonade, stat, for all my lemons.

I'm worried work will be upset I've missed so much, am contemplating going to an ENT because this is the 2nd time in 5 mos I've had strep, and am climbing the walls thinking about all the negative Nelly things that always take center stage when one feels yucky.

Plus I miss my Mama.

What is your lemonade? What do you do to pull yourself back into the swing of things?

PS - The picture is the lemonade I had whilst in London. It had three parts! I guess making lemonade is complicated.


a boy a girl and a pug said...

oh you are kidding! i am so sorry you're sick again. yeah i'd head over to an ent and get that looked at. hope you feel better soon!

luckygirl said...

embarrassment!? oh no! i went to an ENT and discovered the cause of all of my sinus infections is my lovely deviated septum. i would definitely recommend going! i'm sorry you're sick! when i need a pick meup i visit my favorite museum, take a kick ass workout class and get a good book. hope all is well asap!

DSS said...

So sorry that your return wasn't so good :( My lemonade is definitely a massage! Time for me to get away from all of the "ick" in life. A chance for me to just relax and feel "safe"!