Saturday, May 22, 2010

saturday night letters

Dear M,

Mixing drinks is not smart. Don't do it again.

Love, Your Body


Dear TimeWarner Cable,

Your boxes suck! I went away for a week and now my menu says "data unavailable" and my DVR is full. Trust me, as the box is only a few weeks old, it is not new. I realize this means I'm going to have to take the box downtown again and trade it in for a new one. I blame you entirely for this and demand money off my bill. And free Showtime so I can watch the Tudors.

Insincerely, Disgruntled Customer


Dear PIX11 TV,

Thank you for airing one of my favoritest, cheesiest movies: You've Got Mail on this lazy Saturday night. It combines two of my favorite things: books and NYC and I heart the soundtrack.

With love from this Couch Potato


Dear Guy I Met Last Night,

I liked you but I don't know your last name and we got separated before any info could be exchanged. But you could find me on Facebook if you really wanted to...

Hint, Hint - The Girl with Really Curly Hair


Dear Lea Michele,

Love, A New "Gleek"


Dear Readers,

I'm getting on the London posts. I have no energy for one tonight.

xo, M


Ms. M said...

I love your little letters... they are really funny!

MCW said...

I am so sorry about the boy you met!!! That really stinks and I hate it when that happens!