Tuesday, May 4, 2010

miscellaneous ten

I know, I know. I haven't posted in forever. I have kind of been all over the place and when I've started posts recently, I get distracted, lose interest and abandon them. So in an attempt to reign in my thoughts, I give you the list:

1. On Saturday night my friend Anne* called asking me to turn on the news and tell her why so many streets were evacuated in Times Square. She and her boyfriend were attending a play with his parents and had parked on 45th. This morning authorities arrested a man and is they believe responsible for the smoking car that could have been a bombing. Scary stuff. I avoid Times Sq. like the plague but my dance studio is over there so I am usually there about once a week.

2. I wasn't there last week though because I tripped over an uneven piece of sidewalk and oh-so-gracefully fell on Columbus Ave. Lovely. So I had to bail on a party on Friday night and ditched my Brooklyn plans on Saturday in favor of my bed, a 20-mins on and 20-mins off icing schedule and watched TV alllll day.

3. I saw The Back-up Plan on Sunday with my roommate. Skip it.

4. In an attempt to distract myself from certain things in life I am going to revamp my bedroom. Tonight I bought a plastic bin for under the bed storage, a picture frame and a shoe organizer for my closet. Woah.

5. I really, really want this quilt I saw at West Elm today. It is so pretty but so expensive. I just might bite the bullet and treat myself to it if I can't find anything else I want because I'm so picky when it comes to everything.

6. I leave next week for my international trip! When I return I will let you know where I went. :)

7. My best friend mailed me brownies last week because I kept telling her I wanted them. I guess that's the key to receiving great surprises from your friends. Bug them until they can't stand it anymore and mail you things just to get you to shut up.

8. I went on a "diet" two weeks ago. I've had two burgers, fries, not been super faithful with a key factor in the diet (quitting soda), and got sick of eating salads sometime over the weekend. But I have cut down on my cheese, discovered a new love for edamame, and am not totally blowing it. Baby steps.

9. TBS's The Office marathon on Tuesdays is amazing.

10. I woke up yesterday morning thinking that something really great is going to happen this week. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Tomorrow the week is half way over.

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