Friday, May 7, 2010

One fine day... you're gonna want me for your girl.

Thank you everyone for your kind words. They mean a lot to me. I am feeling better tonight but still on edge about some things that, because of the public nature of this blog, I can't go into. But I will say that I need to get some patience stat as I am waiting to hear from someone important. I really don't mean to sound dramatic but that's as far into it as I can get at this point.

I can't help feeling that I will be disappointed. That the things I want won't come my way. I find it funny that I started my week thinking that something great was going to happen. That I would have something to get excited about. I realize that the week is not yet over but I'm ending my Friday feeling very defeated.

I decided to channel all my nervous energy into redoing my bedroom. I figure this is something that will help bring about positive change and renewal. I started the other day by going to Bed, Bath and Beyond and purchasing a frame for a poster print I bought about a year ago but never framed and hung and a big storage bin for some of my winter clothes. I also bought a shoe rack for the disorganized shoe mound in my closet. Next, when I get back from vacation, will be the purchase of the way-too-expensive-but-oh-so-cathartic quilt and sham set. After that, maybe a chair and a bookcase, a rug, and some other fun things.

Maybe some major reorganization is necessary right now. Today at work I had had enough with my messy inbox so I cleared and organized the entire thing. I'm hoping some of that will translate to my head and my frayed nerves.

Now I think I'm off to organize my itinerary for my vacation. Onward! It will be OK. No matter what happens.


a boy a girl and a pug said...

praying you get that news. and oh how i love a room can do wonders for the heart.

MCW said...

That is the worst...when expectations are so high and then a few days later your bubble is burst. I hope yours wasn't popped!

Little Match Girl said...

I hope you are feeling better! Sometimes just changing your surroudings really do help! I know moving has made me so much happier and even though you're not doing that. Getting an amazing new comforter might just be the trick!