Saturday, June 12, 2010

by the sea

Today my roommate and I packed up her boyfriend's car and got the heck out of dodge. We pointed ourselves toward Jones Beach on Long Island and boy did it get this little California girl's heart goin'.

As much as I love this city and the fact that I can get practically anything and everything I want here all hours of the night and day sometimes I feel like just another cog in the machine, a rat in the race. So the chance to ride in a car (that wasn't a cab) and head to a place I'd never been to (and a beach no less) was thrilling. I even brought my camera along.

I bought a Nathan's hotdog, marveled at the color of the water, the roughness of the waves, and probably drove my East Coast-born friend nuts with my excitement and picture taking. I also discovered that the sun and beautiful water are good for my soul and getting away and seeing something new (no matter how small or insignificant) is really important to me.

I've decided to make it my summer goal to go to the beach often even if it means trekking there alone. I also want to continue to explore as much outside the cityscape as I possibly can. I'm up for anything!

Locals, I need day trip ideas!

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MCW said...

The Jersey Shore is pretty easy to get too as well...the train takes you blocks from the beach.