Wednesday, June 16, 2010

London - Six Years Later, Part 4

Day 4, May 15th
Portobello Market & Leicester Square

On Saturday we decided to go to London's largest outdoor market on Portobello Road in Notting Hill. It was crazy, crazy busy but we made it through the tables of antiques, cheap mass-made dresses and scarves, food, and then finally to area by Ladbroke Grove tube stop where there were tons of original clothing and jewelry stalls.

I bought a scarf, two pendants and a necklace. We decided to bail on the crowds and took the tube to Soho where we went for Thai food (and I left my new purchases in the restaurant then had to go all the way back and get them when we were at the Oxford Circus tube station later). We went for tea and sweets at Mrs. Marengo's and then went back "home" to nap before our night out. We joined two other girls at a bar/club in Leicester Square where the European house music was plentiful.

A smattering of random pictures from the day:

Baker St. Tube Station - Sherlock was everywhere!

Love this.

Portobello Road

Portobello Market shop - super cute.

street performers at the market

at an antiques stall

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MCW said...

Portobello Market looks adorable. And I am sure you full enjoyed the European House Music :)