Wednesday, June 16, 2010

London - Six Years Later, Part 3

Day 3 - May 14th
Bath, England

On Friday morning my friend and I boarded a train at Paddington Station for a day trip to Bath. The forecast wasn't the greatest so we crossed our fingers for decent weather. It turned out not to be that bad. We arrived at the Bath Spa train station around 11:15 am and immedi
ately set off on foot to find the Roman Baths.

Right next to them we saw Bath Abbey.

We decided to tour the Roman Baths, the only natural hot springs in the UK. It was really interesting to see the ruins. Probably one of th
e oldest things I've ever seen outside of a
museum collection. This is the view from the terrace. The statues date to the late 1800's when the baths were first discovered.

After touring the baths, we made our way up toward Bath Circus and stopped to take in the view at the Pluteney Bridge where I took this black and white.

We also happened upon this cute little maze. Not quite the hedge maze at Hampton Court Palace, it was still fun.

Here's what we found at the end:

We went to the Jane Austen Centre (which, honestly, I thought was a bit overrated and we could have done without the over-animated talk at the beginning that lasted 15 minutes). From there we finally made it up to the Circus and the Crescent. We then went to Sally Lunn's, the oldest house in Bath which is now a museum and restaurant where we had a famous Sally Lunn bun and some tea. We tried to do some shopping afterward but quickly found that all the stores in Bath close around 6 pm. Our train wasn't until around 8pm so we went into a hotel bar and had some drinks while we waited.

Up next, Portobello Market and random tube pictures!

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Newlywed Next Door said...

Nice London recaps! I love London -- last time I was there it was 2001 though. I'm really hoping to go for the 2012 olympics! We'll see. :)

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