Sunday, June 20, 2010

My summer weekend was...


Temps are up and humidity is on here in NYC. I had a great, relaxing but just-busy-enough-to keep-my-always-running-around-self occupied weekend. It was...
  • a Summer Friday of dentist, dance, dinner, done.
  • catching up with a great friend I don't get to see often enough and laughing about our embarrassing moments. (Like the time I thought I was being pulled over by a cop back in my So Cal days. Key word is thought.)
  • dancing to the new Lady Gaga (Not even out yet folks. That's right.) in my jazz class. Worked. It. Out.
  • hurting all weekend because I haven't danced since my trip to London.
  • babysitting my roommate's dog (who she shares custody of with her ex) for a few hours -lounging with her on roomie's bed while working on my Shutterfly book from my London trip and watching The Office on DVR. Seriously. I need a dog.
  • walking through Central Park to meet roomie with the dog and happening on the tail end of a marriage proposal. So cute I almost cried and I'm not a mushy person.
  • a night out with a great friend and roommate, dinner at one of my fave restaurants from my UES days, and realizing at a club that we are not club people.
  • promptly leaving said club to go to another really cheesy and college-type place.
  • looking around about an hour later and realizing we were over it for the night. It happens.
  • brunch at the Boat Basin (new fave place!) with roommate and the dog.
  • going crazy with the debit card at summer sales.
  • good conversation, new faces, great food, and precious time on our patio tonight. Humidity be damned!
It is SO GOOD to be back. Bring on the summer!


DSS said...

So glad you are back!! What a lovely weekend :)

Now, do tell about this shared custody of the dog. I'm trying to figure that all out with TEN, and I just can't decide if it's okay or not....

flip flops on lex said...

I think it is up to you. Honestly I don't get how it works. She is OK with it though. The dog lives with her ex and his wife and kid and she visits often because they happen to live across the street from her best friend. She is still very connected to them (even babysits for their baby!) but I know I couldn't do that. My other roommate tried to do the shared custody thing but since the dog was basically hers, when she figured out that her ex was really coming around to see her more than the dog and it made it really weird, she cut it off completely. Tough situation though! Good luck!