Tuesday, June 15, 2010

London - Six Years Later, Part 2

Sorry the pics are so small in the last post. I took over 300 (!!) so I want to share as many as I can without my poor little blog giving out. I've increased the size this time around since there are a tad fewer and it is easier to see them!

Day 2 - March 13th
Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben & Parliament, & Billy Elliott!

I didn't do any museums or palaces on this trip.
My goal was just to walk the city, visit as many of my favorite sp
ots and new ones I hadn't gotten to see. I decided to start out in Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park as I only went once during my semester in London six years ago.

Kensington Palace
(I almost went in, since this is pretty much the only of the London palaces I haven't been in yet, but decided to explore the gardens instead.)

Swan in the Serpentine (Hyde Park)

A gosling! He was so cute!

It is touristy but I loved seeing Big Ben again...

and the Houses of Parliament.

That night we went to see Billy Elliott on Broadway. It was awesome, especially those boys. Such talent! Outside the theater in Victoria we met Little Ben! I didn't even know he existed.

Little Ben

Little Ben's Apology for Summer Time reads: "My hands you may retard or advance. My heart beats true for England as for France."

It's OK, Little Ben. You're forgiven!

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Ms. M said...

Would LOVE to see more of your London pics, M! And I really like your new header.