Thursday, October 14, 2010

500 days of small things: 1 & 2

I'm stealing this idea from Summer. I will post 500 "small things" that make my life amazing. (Or at least that's the goal.) Here we go!

500 Days of Small Things

Days 1 & 2

1. An e-mail I received from an almost-four-year-old who I used to babysit here in New York before they moved back to "Europe"

"Dear "M" - we hope to see you when we come back to New York. I
love you very much




He did the "kisses," alphabet and numbers by himself, his mom added. And recognized me immediately in pictures I sent them. My cup runeth over.

2. A quote from my own mother:

"You're strong. They wrote a book about you."

Now you're probably wondering which literary heroine my mother is comparing me to. Jo from Little Women or even Wuthering Heights's Katherine?

She is actually referring to this book. Her copy is well worn:

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