Thursday, October 21, 2010

dear santa

Dear Santa,

I know the jack-o-lanterns haven't even been carved yet in many a home and that Christmas is still months away but I thought I'd get my request in early because it is a big one.

Santa, I want my own place.

In my lifetime I have had more roommates than I have fingers and toes. Some are still good friends (like my very first roomie from my semester abroad who I recent rediscovered London with in May.) Some roommates I just shared a living space with - like Megan and Leslie and Mary, who left halfway through my final semester of college. I have no idea where she is or what she's doing now but she was a nice girl and I remember having a fun dinner with her on a Tuesday night at a Chili's in Walnut Creek. Then there are the roommates who made things difficult. They were tough to get along with. They were in my face and space and made me want to scream.

Santa, it is time. I am in a particularly bad pickle right now and am so very done with roomies in general. The disagreements, the passive aggression, the pissy attitudes because someone didn't clean the counter right.

I dream of a studio apartment of my very own. It is small but that's OK. For it I will buy a new rug and new curtains and, eventually, a new couch. A few cute dishes and Lysol under the sink.

If you're feeling particularly generous this holiday season, a 1 bedroom would be awesome but I know you are a busy guy so I won't push my luck.

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Little Match Girl said...

I know what you mean! I love living in my studio and not dealing with roommates anymore! Although I may be looking to leave it soon to possible move things along with M. Maybe I can help you out...