Saturday, October 9, 2010

deep thoughts for a saturday night

The birthday party is tonight.

I'm wearing the new little black dress, which roomie has convinced me does not make me look like a bubble.

And the black boots.

I will feel very New York. Which is rare for me.

Because I'm not New York. I'm California with a touch of the Midwest. But I am here and life is not glamorous.

I'm jeans and a tee at lunch with a wonderful friend. I'm the girl who constantly loses her keys and who chooses ice cream and conversation with a great friend over the meat market downtown. I'm a girl who cries hard and feels a lot. Who gets attached and feels loss deeply.

I was the strong willed two year old with the Shirley Temple curls. I'm the girl who still has that spirit in me.

I'm the palm trees and the 2/3 train. I'm San Francisco and Lexington Ave.

I'm entirely too mean to myself, too hard on myself, too unforgiving.

I'm the jeans and the little black dress.

Oh, and the boots too.


MCW said...

Love this post...amazing writer.

garden state prep said...

I really love the openess of this!