Sunday, October 31, 2010

finding waldo, finding light

I smashed my right pinky finger in a drawer tonight pretty hard. It is swollen and already a couple of gorgeous shades. So I am typing a little wonky but still not doing that bad of a job.

I spent the weekend moving upstairs (my apartment is two floors - rare for NYC!) and into my new bedroom. It has a skylight! I bought sunflowers to mark a new era of light in my life. I love my new room and am feeling more hopeful and settled in it even though it has only been 24 hrs. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can see myself here three more years from now. I can see myself meeting a great guy here. I have faith that it is going to happen. It has been the longest time since I've felt that way. Amazing what a little light can do.

I didn't partake in the Halloween festivities, as predicted. I preferred to spend the weekend rearranging, reorganizing, and regrouping. But I did do my share of observing and I will say that people watching is so much fun over Halloween weekend. I found myself looking at people in costume on the subway and thinking that for several of them, if it wasn't Halloween, I wouldn't look twice at them. I would just think that's the way they dress.

I saw an Alice in Wonderland with her husband, the Mad Hatter, and a couple dressed as Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Bros. And So. Many. Lady Gagas. But my favorite by far were all the Waldos. I found Waldo first at a bus stop. Then I saw him at the Subway station. But when I saw him tonight at Chipotle, I began to wonder if Waldo is just as popular this year as Gaga and Snooki.

I wonder if finding Waldo three times in 24 hrs is lucky. You know, like a four leaf clover. Some luck and more light could only do me good.

Happy Halloween everyone! What did you all do and see today?


DSS said...

This post makes me so happy! Congrats on your new room :) It is absolutely lovely to feel great hope for the future, isn't it? Puts a big smile on your face.

I definitely think seeing 3 Waldos is good luck. I only saw 1, on Saturday night. I'm going to keep looking though!

MCW said...

I thought the same thing walking down the street on Friday, "I really have no idea if these people are dressed up or not!" haha

A little light does improve everything :)