Saturday, May 30, 2009

an Austen influenced fairytale

Earlier tonight I settled under the covers with my trusty remote and decided to surf for a nice chick flick. I settled upon Pride & Prejudice. I love this movie. I only caught about the last half an hour but it occurred to me while watching that in that moment I longed for Elizabeth Bennet's life. Not She got a man who loves her and with whom she could be "incandescently happy" even though she is stubborn, opinionated and isn't meek, and mild the way a proper 18th century woman should be. It wasn't just that though. While watching I was considering how much simpler things might be as an Austen character. How nice would it be to be bowed to by a dapper gentleman and to curtsey in respectful reply? How sweet to be asked if you might accept "his hand". How lovely would it be to deemed a "great catch" based on how well one plays the piano or sings rather than whether one can hold her tequila shots or whether she likes to hit the bars on a Friday night.

Yes, I jest a little. There's the matter of the realites of life for the fairer sex before the women's suffrage movement, Rosie the Riviter and Women's Lib. I'd hate not to be able to wear jeans or to have my life's worth based on my embroidery skills... Though my Grandma tried, I still can't sew. Regardless, it is nice to live in an Austen novel and think that life can be that simple... and that romantic.

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Anonymous said...

Its nice to escape and dream into Austen life!