Thursday, May 14, 2009

I need apartment therapy!

In my short time blogging I have had several posts related to, revolving around, and ranting about apartments. The words "apartment search" send chills down my spine, and I almost lost my mind last fall when I had to schlep my small bedroom sized amount of stuff across this small island and into another place. I can't imagine having to move an entire apt full of furniture and things virtually alone. With luck, I won't ever have to.

Two of my friends are going through apartment related issues. One is looking for a place and one is dealing with the inevitable fall out that occurs when one roomie wants to break lease and sublet. Apartments and all they entail in this city can be a job, a lifestyle, and a housing hoop-la in themselves. Rent is astronomical, vacancy is low, brokers can be shady, moving a pain, square footage low, and for those of us who don't make bank at a bank, roommates are plentiful. I have three. My "new" apartment, into which I moved in the Fall of last year, is a find though! By Manhattan standards it is fairly spacious... my room is twice the length (yes, I said length...things are narrow here) of my old room, there are two floors and one and a half baths.

Yesterday, I heard about this guy on the news. Apartment Therapy awarded him the Teeny Tiny Winner Award for the Small Cool 2009 contest. Kevin's Triple Threat is on the Upper West Side. Anyone wanna take a stab at what the rent might be? I think I can give a pretty educated estimated answer.

Personally, I love these two:
I'll take those bay windows with that book shelf. Oh, I long for the days when I can justify a home decorating related purchase. But, for now, food, electricity, and other things take precedence. I'm getting there, though. Baby steps.

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