Wednesday, May 27, 2009

eavesdropping fun

I love reading Overheard in New York. When I first moved here I was especially atuned to the voices, conversations and lives whizzing by me on a daily basis. Here are a couple I remember:

Woman walking down Hudson St. on her cell phone: The floors were sticky and the girls were on crack.

Woman walking down street on her cell phone: No! No one could get in! Not even Natalie Portman!

Now I pay less attention but I'm still waiting to overhear a conversation on the train that sends me into inner stitches. The popular website also has a spin-off, Overheard in the Office. I was purusing it yesterday and here are a couple of my favorites:

The former hospitality peon in me cheers for this...

Loudspeaker: Customer assistance in fabrics. (pause) Says she's really,
really angry, rush. Wal-Mart - Orlando, Florida

Reminds me of the time my co-worker said it smelled like hamsters on the 5th floor...

Minion #1: Do you smell that? It smells like the wicker section of Zellers
around here.

Minion #2: Ah, you're right. It does smell like wicker. What is that? Who
smells like wicker?

Minion #1: I love playing the "what's that smell?" game in the hallway at

Mississauga Ontario Canada


Nine-year-old girl in child psychology office, talking a mile a minute: And,
mom, the teacher was really upset that we didn't know how long a century is!
Yeah, she was really upset cause none of us knew!

Mom: Do you know how long a century is?

Nine-year-old girl: No! I didn't know either! I don't know how long a century

Mom, incredulous: You don't know how long a century is?

Nine-year-old girl: No! How long is it?

Mom, without hesitation: Ten years.

Marion, Indiana

I could go on and on but I will stop there!

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