Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 09: green thumbs, prom hair, and (of course) dr. seuss

New Yorkers hit the road this weekend. Various people in my life went on vacation or went "home", to places as far away as London or San Fran and I stayed here and had two babysitting jobs. Yes, I'm living the good life. One of these days though.... one of these days.

My weekend was...

  • eating at my favorite diner while laughing with one of my new favorite people (my roommate).
  • trying to go see a sold-out blockbuster movie in Lincoln Square. (What were we thinking?)
  • gardening in a city full of concrete alongside a lovely woman who can name any plant or tree by looking at the leaves and who has the kind of New York stories I wish to have
  • carrying small bell pepper plants home on the subway and laughing about it; planting them in our "garden" knowing they don't have a prayer.
  • the knowledge that your hard earned college degree helped you get creative with a three-year-old (fake sneezing with her all the way to bed).
  • the look on the stylist's face at the salon when I so graciously thanked her for water she offered me while I was getting my hair cut.
  • my "blown-out" styled hair -- very prom meets beauty queen.
  • knowing it will never look like this again -- this girl has no patience.
  • the two year old with dark curly hair sitting across from me on the 1 train this evening who made a show of crossing her legs because I had mine crossed.
  • discovering new children's books (and immediately looking at their spines to discover the publisher).
  • a two year old with her own engraved IPOD. Yes, I'm serious.
  • a phone conversation with my mom about her own aging mother that put all my surface like efforts for "zen" and "patience" to shame.
  • The fleeting perspective that comes with a lists and weekends such as these.
Baby steps. Bigger steps.


sarah said...

me too! I also plant plants with the good intentions of making them survive and bloom and then they DIE

at least i havent killed a cactus yet. imagine being less nurturing than a desert. that would suck!

mylittlebecky said...

sounds like a pretty good weekend. i need to start a garden:)