Thursday, May 21, 2009

Inside the mind of a procrastination professional and seasoned listmaker!

When I was in college I always used to joke that I should major in procrastination. There was always something to watch on tv, someone to talk to, etc. and let's face it writing a paper on Shakespeare isn't always a delight (no matter how big of a nerdy English major you are). My dad says I get my procrastination skills from my mom who can put stuff off like no one's business. I love my mom but sometimes I wish I was better about my to do list. And since who doesn't like a great list, here is one of all the things I've been avoiding doing:

1. buying stamps - I said I was going to do this last Fri so that we could mail our Con Ed bill. My roommate ended up spotting me a stamp though so I have yet to do this. Nevermind that our mailroom at work sells books. Going down a few floors is just too hard and apparently $10 (or however much they cost now) breaks the bank.

The excuses: uhhhhhhh I keep forgetting, I don't need many stamps these days because I pay most of my bills online, I don't want to spend $10 on stamps when there are sandwiche
s, mousse, bottles of Coke and vitamins to buy.

2. mailing my Netflix - When I subscribed I said I'd get my $9.99 worth, watch them the day they came in and mail 'em the day after. There are even about 3 mailboxes inbetween the subway and my office building so how hard can it be to stick 'em in there. I have had my current movie (The Crucible with Winona Ryder, which I put on my list because I was in a Puritanical America phase after reading The Heretic's Daughter) since MARCH

The excuses: My dvd play
er broke and I don't want to buy a new one right now because I'm saving my money for summer clothes (such is the life of a starving single trying to make rent in Manhattan). Plus every time I get a movie these days it sits and sits because I never want to commit 2ish hrs of my life to something. Also, I lost the nice little red pre-paid envelope so I need to mail it in another one and for that I need... stamps. See #1 on the list for more excuses.

3. Getting a haircut - I've been meaning to do this for about a month now and every time I wash my hair and feel the dryness at the ends of my roots, I remember why I need one so badly. It has been a few months. I have "virgin hair" of steel. It is thick, curly, and unprocessed. It just needs a cut I'm good to go.

The excuses: Money. Sigh. I'm not embarassed to admit that I go to SuperCuts. Since my hair is so low maintenence when it comes to haircuts I don't waste money that could be better used on other things. I also don't like getting my haircut because I have to stare at my face in the mirror for a while and make small talk about Beyonce, babies, and my job with a stranger. I did, however, make an appointment for a cut on Sunday at a real salon! Gasp! Maybe there's hope for me yet, Dad!

4. making an appointment for my free consultation regarding my investments (or rather, actually doing something about my investments)

The excuses: OK, I don't have any good ones other than I don't really want to and since it doesn't smack me in the face like the fact that I have no clean underwear left when I get around to finally doing my laundry, I put off.

grocery shopping
The excuses: I've totally become a single non-cooking New Yorker because of one simple fact - I hate grocery shopping. I don't like the tiny aisles in the grocery stores here. It costs so much just to feed oneself. Plus I can never decide what I want to eat and I hate seeing good food go bad. I'm annoyed with all my recipes and it is hard just cooking for myself. I have to consider that I'll be eating the same thing for 3-4 days straight. So I ignore the fact that I have no food in my house and take advantage of my city location. I eat out, eat cereal, or buy things to nibble on at the bodega up the street.


buy vitamins

Oh wow, this is just sad.

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a boy a girl and a pug said...

I'm impressed with the lists though...I can't even seem to muster up those. And then when I do I loose them. It's a terrible cycle.