Friday, March 19, 2010

fill-in-the-blank luck

I'm stealing ideas today... First, Fill-in-the-Blank Friday!

1. The best day ever was...probably the day I moved to New York and then the day I realized it was the best decision I've ever made.

2. My favorite meal of the day is dinner. I can skimp on everything else but love love dinner.

3. This weekend I will be spending many hours babysitting as I have sacrificed the weekend to the money gods.

Never in my life have I been stung by a bee. I could be very allergic!

The only thing better than a burrito is a California burrito.

6. I could really do with a little sun! Thank goodness it is finally out. My skin is a completely different color from what it was when I lived in CA.

The most recent thing I bought myself is la computadora.

Last night I had drinks with two bloggers: MCW from Saving the Best for Last and Minnesota to Manhattan. It was my first time meeting bloggers and it felt a bit like a blind date but they are both super sweet and I'm happy to meet other "transplants" (especially ones I feel like I already knew pretty well!)

A couple of days ago MCW posted a list of ways she considers herself lucky. While I know it is a bit past St. Pat's day, I feel compelled to post a list of my own. I was largely inspired by an incident on the subway Monday afternoon during my lunch hour. Most people have subway stories. Most of those stories involve smells and/or bodily fluids. Luckily, mine did too. I was two stops away from destination and by the time I realized where the odor was coming from, it seemed fruitless to head into another subway car. The woman I was sitting across from was obviously homeless and in need of a bath. I also noticed a puddle on the floor and a wet line down her pant leg when we both stood up. Needless to say I surfaced feeling very grateful for peace of mind and the fortunate life I lead. This Friday night, while I sit watching the Devil Wears Prada while my two babysitting charges sleep soundly I know I'm lucky because:

... I have a supportive and loving family who never once made me feel like I was crazy for wanting to pack up and move to this big, bad city with no job and very few contacts.

... I have great friends (old and new) who bring wonderfully different qualities to my life and with whom I can be myself, good and bad.

... I have an amazing best friend who, ten years and many cities lived-in later, I can still text at noon on a Friday in a bit of a panic knowing that she will call me the second she gets off work.

... I can sit here and watch this movie, call my parents, eat good food and walk away a few Jacksons richer.

... I have a good job with good people in an industry I have come to love.

... I was born into a loving home, encouraged and nurtured, and given a good education.

... I have gotten free movie tickets on two occasions in the past month. Hey, it isn't the lottery but it's lucky!

... I know I have the qualities that will, one day, make me a good partner and will make someone very lucky too.

Have a great weekend everyone!


MCW said...

Love that last one...and it is so true!

luckygirl said...

great post! wanted to let you know that you inspired me to sign up to be a bone marrow donor. i sent in my swab kit the other day. we shall see what happens!