Monday, March 1, 2010

real time rant of feminist proportions

For this week's episode of "Why am I watching this?" I have a confession...

I am watching the Bachelor. I've watched a total of two or three times this season but from tonight's episode I have learned...

as hot as this guy may be he is a frat boy in sheep's clothing.

And far be it for me to get up on my feminist soap box but all this tells me is that if a guy has a choice between a fun, immature "sexy" girl or an emotional, serious and sweet one... well... you can see where I'm going for this.

Of course I'm doing what ABC wants me to do. Watch and bitch. Because men really fall in love with multiple women at once. Oh yes they do. And obsessive all-encompassing love is healthy. Yes, it is.

This just in - Kate Gosselin on Dancing with the Stars? I just might have to throw my television out the window. Perhaps I am too old for this stuff. PBS, here I come!

PS - Real kudos tonight go to The Tourist Board of St. Lucia who did an amazing job. I want to go there, pronto!


MCW said...

I cannot believe he choose Vienna. He is insane. They will be done before we know it...she is going to move to Dallas? Where she has no friends? And he travels for work? I can't believe I watch this show, but I get sucked in!!!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, the bachelor. I can't believe she made it as far as she did. I don't watch the show, but I read recaps and reviews and a woman I work with watches it. They all hated Vienna. Ick.

I think everyone is entitled to some trashy t.v. It helps to let your brain veg out. Balance it out by watching the Science channel a couple nights a week. :)