Monday, March 8, 2010

unplugged and thrilling

My laptop died. Well, the computer cord did and among other issues my 5-yr-old dinosaur has, the battery does not hold a charge anymore so it needs to be plugged into a wall constantly. I had already tracked down a replacement power cord about 9 months ago (This was not an easy feat since the manufacturer does not sell them. I had to buy one from an obscure website.) but I refuse to do that again. I've already plugged more money into this thing than it is now worth. Two weeks into my life in New York (and my job search!) the thing died and I had to spend a bunch of money to replace the harddrive. Then the CD/DVD broke. (Totally my fault.) So I am in the market for a new laptop. I want a good one. I want it to be sleek and pretty. But I am limited by funds so it also can't have ALL the bells and whistles.

What kind of (laptop) do you have?
How old is it?
Do you like it?
Have you ever had any major problems with it? (Would you buy it again or recommend it to someone?)

My weekend was alright. On Friday I ended up taking a job. A pleasant alternative to sitting at home alone is sitting in someone else's apartment alone while their cute and very good kiddos sleep and you get PAID for it.

On Saturday I got my paint-by-numbers creativity on and went to my semi-regular volunteering job: painting canvas murals at a local school. Hello catharsis and therapy. Then a friend and I decided to watch movies at her apartment.

Yesterday I went for a walk in Central Park (Gorgeous weather! Dare I say Spring is here?!) and went over to same friend's apartment to watch the Oscars. Pretty typical.

Thrilling, I know. I'd extract the wonderful moments and do a "My Weekend Was" post but I think my weekend was too boring for that. Ha! Thanks to anyone who answers my questions.

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MCW said...

I only have a work no help there. I went for a long walk yesterday to, up and down the East River...