Thursday, March 11, 2010

he must love dogs. no, seriously. he must.

I think it is time for another dating themed post, don't you?
I knew you would.
I had posted a while back about dealbreakers. They really are important and, for me, set in stone. For example, if I am going to seriously be dating someone (and I'm not talking discussing these things on date number two. C'mon now. I am realistic.) he has to generally want the same things I do: a relationship, kids (eventually. I always worry I have to put this in since I can just envision someone who wasn't supposed to finding this and beginning to hyperventilate. I'm paranoid that way!), be driven toward success (in some shape or form) and have the same general views on morality and religion I do. Finally, he must not be a Republican. (Sorry, folks the GOP just ain't for me.) OK, the last one gives me a chuckle but while on a date this weekend with a nice boy I found myself adding another one to my "set in stone" list:

He must love dogs. No, really. Punny movie references aside, he really has to. And it isn't enough just to think they're fun and cute. He has to want one. Because I do.

My date informed me he is allergic. And thinks they're just OK. Oh boy.

My family has a rambunctious, loveable, pain in the ass dog who we got when I was 15 as a pup. Now he is getting up there in years and JUST started calming down. And now that I am here in New York and he is in my parents' Southern California backyard sleeping and sunning the days away, I miss him tremendously. I would get a dog right now, here in New York if I could but let's face it... I want a big dog and don't think being cooped up all day in a shoebox apartment is fair to them. I have roommates who probably wouldn't be thrilled about the addition to our household, and I can't afford one: time or dollar wise.

But some day I will have one. I already know that he will be a he. I know he will most likely be a rescue dog of a larger mixed breed. I envision a Golden or Lab of some sort and have a name all picked out. I'm getting this dog. So potential boyfriend/husband/partner needs to be on board. I'm sorry, there is just no room for negotiation on this... I think. Sigh.

This all went through my head as nice guy date and I began what was only #2. Oy. I'm in for a long ride with this newest ephiphany.


MCW said...

is he just allergic or doesn't like them at all??? What about getting a dog that doesn't a labordoodle. They are good for people with allergies!
Good luck with the GOP thing...I have found that most men in NYC are Republicans. They may start off as Dems but them switch over!

Jenny DB said...

love that you can't do GOP. ditto on that, but more importantly love me love my dog. if you dont dig mister bondi, im not into you. period. oh and i made it quite clear to joe that we are adding to the family when we move into a bigger place, which is happening sunday!! which means we'll be going to the pound for a medium/large dog (no accessories) tho i'm not picky on the sex. so yah, in summary, I LOVE THIS POST!!! :)