Wednesday, November 24, 2010

not sleeping

It is 1:15 am in New York.

And 12:15 am in Texas, where I am right now after I flew in tonight to spend Thanksgiving with BFF. She lives in a gorgeous 3 bedroom house. Alone. Her master bedroom is the size of my apartment. The apartment that I share with 3 other girls. I just keep repeating to myself "I love New York. I love New York."

I should be sleeping right now. I'm exhausted after my flight. Here's a tip to those of you traveling for the holidays (or ever for that matter.) Remember that there are people sitting around you who might not want to hear you talk about custody issues, surgeries, and other personal details with your neighbor (whom you just met, I might add) for FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT. As a matter of fact, no one wants to hear another person's voice for four hours. Period. Say "hello," chat for a bit, and then shut it so other people around you don't have to pay six bucks for the TV and jam their sound-proof headphones in their ears just for a bit of peace. Of course, this did not happen to me tonight.

I'm a bit cranky, yes. I've been going non-stop these days. The cat is out of the bag now so I might as well share it here. I got a new job. My last day was today and I start my new job at a new company next week. This weekend I plan on living like an "unemployed" person. Not that my job is stressful at all really. I hardly save the world. Yet I feel I am being called to watch hours of movies, eat good food, and lounge around. Yes, it is Thanksgiving and I would probably normally do that but this time I don't have work hanging over my head. This is the first time since my last college summer break that I haven't been working hard at school, working hard to get a job and move, working harder to get a job and move, working hard at my job, working hard to get a new job, etc. And I intend to enjoy it.

Also, please share any movie recommendations you might have. They really do need to be accessible via Netflix instant viewing. To give you an idea of the breadth of my taste, last night while organizing my room and packing I watched Defiance and Searching for Bobby Fischer. Both are great movies and I recommend them.

Have a great week everyone!


DSS said...

First...I hear you on the travel discussions that one would rather avoid. Ugghh!

Second, enjoy Texas for turkey day :) I hope you get yourself rested and straightened out so that you can enjoy your movies and relaxation time!

And finally...CONGRATULATIONS!!! Clearly I missed the announcement. Can't wait to hear more about the new job :)

And, if it helps...I love NYC enough for both of us!

MCW said...

I got stuck one time next to a guy who told me the entire time that everything was a conspiracy, the govt, the news, movie, music...he was insane.

Happy Thanksgiving and we have to get together in December!