Thursday, November 18, 2010

royally obsessed

I fear I might have a new obsession.

This one just might surpass yogurt parfaits,, and TV shows on DVD.

I'm talking about the upcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

I'm not exactly sure what it is. I was never this way with his parents, or any other "celebrity" couple for that matter. I remember when Diana died I watched the funeral procession with William, Charles and Harry walking behind her casket on television. But I never swooned over Wills (well, not that much) and certainly did not stock up on all things "Lady Di" like the girl in my study abroad program who spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars shipping memorabilia home.

But I watched the Dateline special last night, click on all the stories and links about them, and almost sought out my very own replica of her engagement ring, which formerly belonged to William's mother. Almost.

I don't really get it. All I can say is he's a cutie, she is gorgeous with such poise and fashion sense, and they are adorable together. And her hats. I love her hats. They make me want to attend polo matches and sip Earl Grey from dainty teacups. Calgon take me back to London! I want to attend the wedding in St. Paul's or Westminster Abbey (or wherever it may be.) I want to buy cheap things with their faces all over them. OK, maybe that last one is taking it a step too far.

Am I alone here? What are you currently obsessed with? Perhaps it will make me feel more normal.



Little Match Girl said...

Look no further for a partner in crime than right here! I love reading all about their courtship, the ring, and of course the hats!! I already told M that I would be one of those people waiting up all night to watch the wedding!

MCW said...

Ugh. I am already annoyed with them! I don't want to hear about their engagement anymore! I am excited to see their wedding but this is an overkill. Plus I think its weird he gave her a ring from a failed marriage, he should have at least reset it!