Friday, November 26, 2010

thanksgiving weekend

Things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend:

1. Target. Black Friday. 1:00pm. Not a total disaster. I had gone a couple of days ago and we decided to brave going back today so that I could possibly save money on the dress I wanted for my first day at my new job. We went back and the dress was not on sale but I got 2 DVD's, a sweater, and a top that were.

2. That said the toy aisle was a bit nuts. So this year I am thankful for being childless.

3. My Verizon wireless rebate card which made me feel like I wasn't spending a ton of money anyway.

4. I also purchased a bunch of things from the New York & Company website yesterday because everything was 50% off with free shipping. So, of course, I bought twice as many things, including a much needed new winter "puffer" coat.

5. Mexican food on Thanksgiving instead of slaving over the turkey and potatoes. Since Christmas at my house is basically Tgiving part deux in terms of food, this was a perfectly lovely and welcome alternative.

6. Being able to break out the flip flops once more before the snow season starts. Though Mother Nature I must say... 80 degree weather this time of year is a bit much.

7. Rupert Grint's burgeoning muscles in Harry Potter 7, Part 1. Ron and Hermoine just make my little teenaged heart go crazy. Like omg.

8. Drive-thru's. I realize they are the epitome of laziness and the beacon of obesity, however, going through one with a Christmas tree in the passenger side of the car is pretty fun.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

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